Blue Knight Judge Explodes At Frightened Man For Pointing Out Kids In Child Porn ‘Look Like They Were Enjoying It’

Frightened 50-year-old Graham Gleed was in the dock awaiting sentencing when the predatory Blue Knight Judge David Ticehurst exploded at him in a fit of Blue Knight rage (aka a ‘triggering’):

You told the probation officer that you thought ‘Some of them looked like they were enjoying it’

Oooh. Clearly, the worst thing in the world is that the kids might be enjoying it! That makes it so much worse. I bet if they were being brutally tortured and killed this Blue Knight Judge would be all for it. Probably even fap off to the images himself (or maybe he already does? I’d love to see what’s on his hard drive).

Anyway, the Judge, completely ignoring the facts, decided to pick out the ‘worst’ image in Gleed’s collection apparently of a 3-year-old being tied up and ‘abused’. Whether she’s actually being ‘abused’ or it’s just some casual paedo-BDSM orgy fuck knows. In any case, a handful of images randomly downloaded off the internet aren’t wholly indicative of someone’s actual preference or intent. It would be much more substantive for him to look at the average image, which I’m sure will be an 8 year old having an orgasm in front of a webcam that they themselves set up.

Still, the Judge ranted on:

This is what you derived sexual pleasure from, if it weren’t for people like you, those little girls would not have suffered at the hands of people like you. The National Sentencing Council guidelines are simply too lenient.

I think that offenders like you should receive long prison sentences, but there is no point in locking you up for a few months if you won’t receive treatment.

So the Judge then sentenced him to the one thing worse than prison: A 95-day Sex Offender Treatment Programme. Can you imagine? 95 days of some fat man-hating lesbian bitch telling you that you’re a child rapist and forcing you to admit to having raped children less she then tells the Judge that you have failed to do the ‘course’. Worst still, he placed him on the dreaded Sex Offender Register for 5 years, gave him a 10 year sexual harm prevention order, some 3 year community order, 45 days of rehabilitation activities and 120 hours of unpaid work. I mean fuck me, and doing any unpaid work for these fuckers? Fuck off. Mind, I wonder if it’s possible to just do your unpaid work really slowly. As in stand there and do nothing. Can they do anything about that? With all their talk of ‘Modern Slavery’ it seems to me that slavery is here and endorsed by the government. Fuck these people!

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Save The Children Under Fire

Save The Children, the evil “child protection” charity that is partly responsible for raising the age of consent for child porn to 18 in the UK (instead of 16, which is the actual age of consent) is now under fire in a sexual harassment scandal, with the prospect of them losing government funding! Yay!!! Unicef also appears to be under fire too. In fact, both of these charities are major international “child protection” charities, who have been busily spreading their “child protective” poison right across the world. I can only but dream of a day when they go bankrupt…

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Matthew Falder, Cambridge graduate handed ridiculous 32-year sentence and stripped of his degree

Matthew Falder, a Cambridge university graduate, has been jailed for a shocking 32 years for nothing more than (at worst) online bullying – oh but of course – with a “sexual component” (that clearly makes it so much worse). If it hadn’t had a sexual component then how long do you think he would have got? Well it’s entirely possible he wouldn’t have been jailed at all, but if he had been I think it would have been a maximum of 2 years and probably less. It should also be noted this is the UK, whilst in the US a 32 year sentence is not uncommon, people often get that there for jaywalking, skipping red lights, or even just for existing. In the UK, however, most murderers will serve less than 32 years in prison so it is right at the top end of the sentencing scale.

To top it all off, Cambridge university – the feminist shithole that introduced sexual consent classes – have announced that they will strip him of his degree. They’ve never done this before so they have no idea how to do it, but some SJW in the university (and it is infested with SJWs) has decided that they are going to do it. Bitch.

Most tellingly for me, his parents and girlfriend are standing by him, which makes me wonder if he even did anything particularly bad at all. The police will, of course, have lied and exaggerated through their teeth, as they always do.

[UPDATE] One other point for those who still think he deserved a tough sentence. How long do you think he would have got if he were a woman? I can tell you how long: ZERO. If he were a woman, he would not have even been arrested. In fact, women do the kind of bullying he does all the time. They are called feminists, and they make false allegations of rape against men, invent new rape laws to jail men and so on and so forth. And many men commit suicide because of it. And yet feminists never get jailed for their crimes! How is that reasonable?

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The Age Of Consent is an Act of Savage Violence

Posted this on the r/unpopularopinion reddit here, so thought I’d also repost it on my blog too, why not?

I find it astonishing how anyone can support the age of consent. I mean I hear the nonsense its proponents parrot like “a child cannot consent because they lack the mental capacity to consent” but these statements have no scientific substance to them at all. Children love having sex and one thing I notice that proponents of the age of consent love more than anything is jailing a man who had sex with a child that definitely consented. For example, Jeremy Forrest was vilified and jailed for in excess of 5 years for having sex with a 15 year old girl when it was her who groomed him. She even sent him love notes when he was sent to prison:

Furthermore proponents of the age of consent often use the claim that they “care deeply about the children” as a smoke screen for their puritanical world view. Why, then, do they have such satisfaction over prosecuting thousands of children for possessing child porn? See:

Indeed, given their claim that children are not sexual, why is it that so many children end up in prison as sex offenders? The most common age for a sex offender in the United States is 14. Indeed, police have even gone as far as trying to induce an erection in an underage boy in order to convict him of a sex crime:

Finally, for those of you who are Christian or Muslim there is much paedophilia in the various scriptures and it seems clear to me that God approves. For Christians the virgin Mary was impregnated by God at the age of 13 (actually, the assumption of the age of 13 comes from the fact that just about all girls were impregnated at that age back then, proving how normal paedophilia was historically). For Muslims, the prophet Muhammad married a 9 year old. Indeed, there’s more prophets in the scriptures who are paedophiles, see here: (and also follow some of the links in the comments).

Now finally what I want to point out in particular is that those who support the age of consent are not just hypocrites but they are actually VIOLENT THUGS. If you jail a man for many years, often decades as is the case in the USA, then you are committing an act of savage violence. You have brutalised and tortured a man who has not tried to do anyone any harm. You are beating a straw man, except that straw man ends up not being made of straw and you have murdered him.

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Famous Paedophiles

This is a good blog I’ve found (though hasn’t been updated since 2016) with a list of famous paedophiles:

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Oxfam Scandal – Are Social Justice Organisations Imploding?

Recently a so-called scandal around Oxfam has broken out whereby its directors have been doing entirely innocent things like banging Haitian prostitutes but, which is apparently, after the population has been subjected to years of feminist indoctrination, considered a ‘bad thing’.

Now, I actually wouldn’t say I’m too clued up on Oxfam but my understanding is that the organisation is what you might call a “Social Justice Organisation” and, whilst, unlike the NSPCC, it may be the case that the organisation’s resources are not 100% dedicated to making life a living hell for men, Feminism does exist at the core of the organisation. Indeed, Oxfam has run some truly sickening campaigns such as their “violence against women and girls: enough is enough” campaign, which, as you might expect, constitutes the usual man hate. The campaign is entirely dedicated to stopping men having sex with 15 year old girls as well as allowing violent wives to use the full power of the State in their quest to inflict brutal punishment on their innocent husbands.

What I find most curious about the whole affair is it feels as if social justice organisations are beginning to implode as a consequence of their own fanaticism. It’s also worth considering a post by The Anti-Feminist recently which showed a leading children’s rights campaigner for UNICEF was recently jailed for child rape. It seems as if the media – or certainly the Daily Mail at any rate – are linking his conviction to the current Oxfam scandal and it seems possible that other charities may be dragged into the spotlight. Wouldn’t it be great if more and more hypocrites like that were exposed and prosecuted? And wouldn’t it be great if all the social justice organisations began to lose funding as a consequence? Indeed, if they lost funding, then there would be less money to spread their poisonous propaganda… Which could mean the end of feminism.

The biggest indicator would be if the NSPCC itself gets embroiled in a child molestation scandal. That would be a clearer indication than anything else of the beginning of the end of paedohysteria. Unfortunately I’m not holding my breath though. The feminist madness has gone far beyond my worst nightmares.

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Donald Trump Finally States That False Allegations Are Destroying Lives

As reported by the BBC, in a recent tweet Donald Trump has finally said:

Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?

This seems to have particularly occurred after two of his own White House aides have quit amid accusations of “domestic abuse”. If he thinks this is wrong though I’d like him to back up his words with actions and he should have prevented his aides from quitting. Furthermore, he should reform the laws to – and slightly paraphrasing psychopathic former British Prime Minister Tony Blair here – “make courts tough on false accusers and tough on the causes of false accusers”. In other words, lock the bitches up and publicly vilify them like no one has been vilified before! (oh, now I think I’m paraphrasing Star Trek too. Didn’t see that one coming).

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