Finally a man falsely accused of rape did the same thing I would do in that situation…

He killed the thuggish twat confronting him!

Finally an accused sex offender with some balls. Perhaps if there were a few more of these cases then these thugs might suddenly realise that they aren’t going to get away with beating up someone just because they “think they’re a paedo”.

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Jerry Goes To The BBFC

Good video from Jerry Barnett criticising the BBFC (British Board of Film Censorship) outside their headquarters. Maybe the next stage is a protest? It is quite frightening the amount of control they have over our lives and they do it without us realising. And it’s about to get worse as they prepare to censor the internet.


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Stinson Hunter named Paedocrite of the Year 2016

Stinson Hunter aka Kieran Parsons has been named paedocrite of the year 2016. No doubt he’s a bigger paedophile than all of the innocent men he’s entrapped combined!

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Sex Offenders & Public Perception: Fiction vs Reality

I just came across this video on youtube from one of those American shout shows:

Now if you watch the end of the video and also read the comments on youtube you’ll notice something interesting. At the very end the guy was asking if “there is a reason to punish someone again for something they did 9 years ago” which received a huge applause from the audience. However, the comments are all the usual stuff that we’ve been conditioned to expect calling for surgical castration etc.

So the question is: Why the big discrepancy? It’s almost as if people on the street have a totally different opinion to people on the internet. Or maybe the only people who bother to comment on those articles are feminist psychopaths and everyone else is disinterested.

Hmm… Clearly the hatred of sex offenders is nowhere near as ingrained as the media would like us to believe.

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Porn is just the first victim of the Government’s censorship crusade

Unsurprisingly the UK government is preparing to block any pornography that the BBFC (British Board of Filthy Cucks) doesn’t like. Jerry Barnett has written a good article in the independent on how draconian it really is.

For me personally, I am becoming increasingly convinced that we do not live under “rule of law” in the UK. Ironically the only freedom one still has is to shove a gun into a police officer’s head and pull the trigger. The reason being that there is little the government can do to stop you. However, when trying to live a normal existence, the government can do just about everything to stop you!

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A Sad Day: Helen Reece has died

For those who don’t know, Helen Reece, who was a fierce critic of the feminazi lunatic attitudes towards “rape” as well as the government’s draconian attacks on those convicted of “sexual offenses” has sadly passed away from cancer. She was only 48.

Why is it that all the good people seem to drop dead and the bad ones just keep on going?

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Life Through the Eyes of SJW’s

This video clip from “Mad TV” is incredibly amusing and describes, in a nutshell, EXACTLY how SJW’s behave:

It even illustrates why one should always be assertive and NEVER apologise to an SJW!

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