Gillette Comedy

You’ve probably heard of the Gillette ad and the associated MRA lashback by now. So, here’s the best comical parody of their sexist, man-hating, social justice advert:

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Is Philip Davies really an anti-feminist?

It’s rather disturbing that he supported the government’s upskirting bill, which was initially proposed by some miserable feminist hag and is now about to become law:

He’s also harped on before about grooming gangs and such. That makes him more of a typical right winger than a true anti-feminist or libertarian.


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Sex Offenders now Banned from Running Charities

In a little known change to the law in the UK, Sex Offenders are now banned from running a charity. Absolute fucking disgrace.


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Alison Saunders Denied Damehood

Finally some good news to end the year, Alison Saunders, Britain’s most evil chief prosecutor who’s whole ambition in life seemed to be to lock up the entire cis gendered white male population for “rape” has been denied a damehood and the reason is suspected to be because of her successful attempts to pervert the course of justice and get innocent men locked up in prison for rape. Apparently she is the very first CPS chief not to be awarded the honour.

Hurray! Happy New Year everyone!

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Let’s reform our justice system

Well, as yours truly hasn’t been posting much recently, let’s instead post a good article by Marthijn Uittenbogaard on how to reform our justice system.

Merry Christmas!

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Amos Yee Is Making America Great Again

Amos Yee is back in action and trying to make America Great Again, something that Trump has so far failed to do. He’s now doubling down on his pro-paedophilia activism and abandoning his anti-singapore politics.

Damn, I just love that guy!

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Feminazi Judge Adds 6 Months to Boy’s Sentence for Fleeing in Terror

A 20 year old boy who had just been convicted under a feminist rape law fled the court in terror upon receiving the unexpected verdict. After police thugs abducted him and returned him to the court the feminist judge, James Tindal, slapped an extra 6 months to his already insanely long 7-year sentence calling the boy a “coward” for fleeing such a horrific fate.

What has this world come to in terms of man-hating that a judge punishes a boy for cowardice? Utter piece of shit, and that’s without me getting started about the original sentence.

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