UN plans to ban lolicon across the entire planet

I hate this one world government shit. The UN – who’s sole purpose for its existence seems to be to spread feminism across the world – is now about to ban lolicon. Yure describes more about the UN ban in his blog post including what you can do about it. Apparently you can email them using a cleverly Kafkaesque process in which you have to send the email in English, French or Spanish (not Japanese) using Microsoft Word format (presumably Microsoft are bribing the UN, which wouldn’t surprise me as Bill Gates is a feminist). They do seem to claim they will post ALL comments on the CRC page devoted to those guidelines though. If they hold true to that claim then it could be worth just sending in some truly pro-paedophile e-mails just to get publicity. Mind you, they’ll probably just break protocol and delete them all. I remember asking for child porn to be re-legalised on Nick Clegg’s “your freedoms” site many years ago and that sick feminist fuck just deleted it. Can you believe it? An official government site for people to campaign to get their freedoms back would just delete unPC comments. Maybe that’s why it didn’t last very long, Nick Clegg soon realised he hated freedom. Anyway, I’m diverting…

If you want to try and plead with the UN to not ban freedom of expression worldwide then go here to submit your comments. You have until 31 March 2019.

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The Decline Of Sex

Absolutely shocking post on how sexual activity, marriage and society itself is declining. A shocking 38% of respondents to a yougov poll said that wolf whistling at a woman is sexual harassment, 16% said that a man commenting on a woman’s attractiveness directly to her is sexual harassment and 37% said that a man placing his hand on a woman’s lower back is sexual harassment (see here).

This has happened because we are seeing the first group of adults who are now grown up and in their twenties for whom their entire childhoods have been spent under the spectre of maximum paedohysteria. They now view any and all sexual behaviour as rape.

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MGTOW Takes The Pedo Pill

Browsing the MGTOW reddit I found this. That’s pretty cool as it feels like a fairly strong pedo pill. What do you guys think? Do you think the pedo pill is spreading?


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I helped Google screw over James Damore

Interesting post on reddit where some anonymous individual releases information on how Google conspired to screw over James Damore, including actions that are unethical and may even be illegal. James Damore has said it may be authentic because the poster has intimate knowledge of his situation that few would know.


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Gillette Comedy

You’ve probably heard of the Gillette ad and the associated MRA lashback by now. So, here’s the best comical parody of their sexist, man-hating, social justice advert:

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Is Philip Davies really an anti-feminist?

It’s rather disturbing that he supported the government’s upskirting bill, which was initially proposed by some miserable feminist hag and is now about to become law:

He’s also harped on before about grooming gangs and such. That makes him more of a typical right winger than a true anti-feminist or libertarian.


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Sex Offenders now Banned from Running Charities

In a little known change to the law in the UK, Sex Offenders are now banned from running a charity. Absolute fucking disgrace.


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