Rick Falkvinge Discusses Profound Implications of Cryptocurrencies

Self-appointed Bitcoin Cash CEO, Rick Falkvinge, discusses the profound implications to society of cryptocurrencies:

I think Rick has amassed rather a lot of bitcoins himself over the years and must be now very rich. Why do I bring this up and how is this relevant to this blog? Well, for one, Rick Falkvinge wrote an article back in 2012 entitled Three Strong Reasons Possession of Child Porn Must be Re-legalized in the Coming Decade. I nearly laughed when the interviewer asked him about the problems of cryptocurrencies being used for “illicit purposes” such as child porn. Perhaps wisely he didn’t divert the conversation onto his true beliefs about that.

The other reason I bring this up is because a lot of his points are very relevant to the possibility of a sea change in attitudes. As he points out there is a huge wealth transfer going on from, perhaps what I might see as, old grey haired male feminists in suits to the new libertarian computer nerds. Those who will have made money in bitcoin are disproportionately likely to be those who are both technically literate (as they will have had the ability to make use of bitcoin early on) and libertarian (as they will have had an interest in a currency that is beyond government control). Putting those people in the driving seats means that they will have the economic power to begin to shift cultural and social attitudes more in their direction. Even if some or many of those people don’t agree with child porn (because they believe in freedom but not THAT MUCH freedom blah blah blah) those people are still liable to end up creating an environment that allows those with truly controversial opinions to have a platform. And besides, we know that at least one child porn advocate – Rick Falkvinge – is already very rich from bitcoin! Not forgetting so-called ‘rapist’ Julian Assange, who has now also converted to anti-feminism.

I haven’t written much on cryptocurrencies during my time doing this blog, but I was nearly one of those who had amassed huge wealth, unfortunately, due to a lack of vision and foresight on my part that was not to be. That said, if anyone wants to get into cryptocurrencies there is still some potential. Bitcoin’s price is quite high given it’s extremely poor scalability and political problems, though its brand name could mean those will be overcome, but if there’s one other cryptocurrency that I think still has potential to take over the world and maybe (maybe) make 1000x gains then I would say it would be IOTA. That means a £1000 investment into IOTA could become £1,000,000. Or it could fall to 0. If investing in cryptocurrencies then I would draw parallels with the dotcom boom, old social media networks etc (as Rick Falkvinge did) and add that 99% of cryptocurrencies are likely to fall in value to 0. So when investing in cryptocurrencies the most likely way to succeed would be a concentrated portfolio. Too diversified is likely to wipe out a lot of the gains due to investing in crap cryptos that will never go anywhere and too concentrated into one crypto runs the risk of that cryptocurrency failing and you losing everything. Of course, you’ll need to start somewhere so investing a small amount that you can afford to lose into one of the best cryptos is a start. How do you determine best? Firstly, I would ask whether the underlying technology is revolutionary and significantly better than other existing cryptos (IOTA has this benefit as it has no transaction fees, enormous scalability and in theory, though not currently in practice, fast transaction times all unlike bitcoin). The second thing would be a combination of brand name, market cap and first mover advantage. Yes, any cryptocurrency can be needlessly forked and a copy created, but the version most likely to succeed is the one that started first, has the highest market cap and is most widely known, unless a significant technological improvement of the ‘fork’ can be shown.

That’s all from me for now, here’s hoping some anti-feminists get rich from this advice 🙂 Of course, there are other cryptocurrencies with real potential as well, but for now I’ll leave the reader to do their own research. Perhaps I will write up more on the others at a later date. Just remember, there is significant risk, so do not risk more than you can afford to lose! If you are 20 then it might be OK to risk everything as you won’t have spent much time earning anything anyway, but if you are 50 it is probably a bad idea to risk your life savings as you won’t be getting them back. That said, if you are about to have your life savings taken from you by some whore trying to sue you on a rape charge then selling all your assets and putting them into cryptos might be a good move, though you will need to work out the logistics of ensuring that your wallets are suitably encrypted and redundantly stored in a way that it is almost impossible for you to lose them or the police to seize them. That way they can lock you up, but at least the bitch won’t be getting your money!

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American politicians begin committing suicide

As a follow up to my previous post on how British politicians have begun committing suicide, it seems that now so are American politicians! The first victim is Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson who killed himself after being accused of drunkenly trying to seduce a 17 year old girl. As an aside, one might as well take the opportunity to ask: Why is it that if a woman is drunk then she is deemed not responsible but if a man is drunk then he is deemed responsible? What kind of retarded double standard feminazi bullshit is this?

One can only hope that politicians will begin to see the light. Though I remain skeptical and increasingly black pilled on humanity’s ability to overcome feminism.

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What Japanese Think of Feminism

Wow, the Japanese don’t seem to know much about Feminism or believe in it:

Japan was one of the most resistant countries to criminalising child pornography, unfortunately, they finally caved in a few years ago and mere possession of child porn is now illegal in Japan since 2014. I wonder if they actually make many arrests for it though?

Still, whilst Japan’s racism has kept it somewhat insulated from Western feminist poison, slowly Japan’s culture will turn into the feminist nightmare that we now experience in all Western countries.

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Should the age of consent be lowered to 13? YES – say most debate.org users

Contradicting the belief that most people hate paedophiles it seems that most debate.org users think the age of consent should be lowered to 13.

When battling against the relentless paedohysteria I often find myself confused. Confused because in some cases, such as Amos Yee’s recent videos, one often sees nothing other than death threats and hate in the comments. On the other hand, on debate.org one sees the majority of people voting for the age of consent to be lowered to 13.

So, the question becomes, why so much difference in opinions expressed between the different platforms?

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Police: A kiss under the mistletoe without consent is rape

Absolutely disgusting comments by the thugs in the Northern Ireland police force. Apparently a kiss under the mistletoe is rape according to a tweet by the police in Northern Ireland. The only good thing about the whole saga is that many people were outraged with the police on twitter and accused them of being social justice warriors. Thank god the people haven’t *yet* accepted it is rape. Though with the way things are going they soon will…


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Overwhelming majority of underage girls support lowering the age of consent

Thought I’d dig this out from a now deleted Peter Tatchell article, still available via the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20160525073515/http://www.freedominapuritanage.co.uk:80/why-the-age-of-consent-should-be-lowered-to-14

The vast majority of young people back a reduction in the consent law. In November 2000, a poll of 42,000 girls aged 12 to 16 found that 87 per cent think the age of consent of 16 is too high. Four out of five teenagers responding to a similar survey by the British Youth Council a few years ago favoured a legal limit lower than 16.

Slowly I can see the book burners trying to remove all the evidence of reality off the internet. I seriously think we are living in a sick paedohysterical Matrix.

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Man discussing lowering age of consent in the street

This is pretty brave:

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