Feminist Cop Wannabe Jailed for False Rape Allegations

A feminist student who wished to become a police officer (presumably so she could wrongly jail hundreds or thousands of men on allegations of rape and child molestation) has thankfully been jailed before her career had even begun. She was found guilty of falsely accusing a taxi driver of rape and jailed for 16 months (unfortunately a light sentence considering the magnitude of her crime).

It’s unfortunate that her mindset clearly illustrates the kind of people who join our police force. No wonder the police are so rotten, though on this rare occasion it seems they did the correct thing. Hopefully it will serve as a deterrent to others.

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James Damore is a hero

James Damore was recently fired from Google for sending around a memo criticising the company for operating a “politically correct monoculture” and arguing that the reason why there are less women in tech is due to biological differences between men and women. Despite virtually no angry criticism internally (other than inevitable intellectual debates) a small group of SJWs within Google got hold of the memo and leaked it to the media with sources and formatting missing. The leftist media, then keen to further their man-hating agenda claimed that Damore’s document was poorly sourced and the work of a woman-hating misogynist despite his actual views being rather balanced.

You can read James Damore’s original memo – unmodified by media lies – here. Also the following is a fantastic interview with James which helps a lot to understand both where he is coming from but also to understand the media manipulation and twisting of the facts that occurred:

James Damore’s fundamental premise that there are biological differences between men and women is correct and one documentary which James may not have seen but I think is great at reinforcing his point is a Norwegian Documentary called Hjernevask which demonstrates scientific evidence proving the genders are biologically – not environmentally – different:

It’s worth noting that James Damore already has job offers, most notably from Julian Assange to go and work at Wikileaks. Indeed Julian Assange – who has had first hand experience of the horror of being subjected to feminist rape laws – recently published several anti-feminist facts on his twitter feed indicating his agreement with what James Damore said.

I really do think that if James Damore shows that he can easily get another job and carry on his career despite having committed what many believe is essentially a “political crime” that supposedly results in job loss and long-term unemployment then this could be the worst possible outcome for the SJWs. If James actually ends up with a *better* job than Google then many more may follow in his footsteps in trying to get fired from their jobs too if for no reason other than the financial incentives of following a politically incorrect career path!

Cheer on the politically incorrect revolution 🙂

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Another man takes up arms against the feminist state

A doctor, who had been sacked following ‘sexual harassment’ allegations recently opened fire in the Bronx-Lebanon hospital that he was previously employed at. He killed one female doctor, left 5 others in critical condition and 1 more with a shot to the leg. He also tragically killed himself after the incident (I think he would have been more effective keeping himself alive and railing against sexual harassment laws in court).

Feminists and their sympathisers out there can say all they like about “blah blah, this is reprehensible etc” but the fact is his life was destroyed by the feminist state and so he sought revenge in the only way realistically possible. The deaths and injuries resulting from this are entirely the fault of the feminists, if they hadn’t put him in a position where his only card was to shoot people then he wouldn’t have shot them!

If feminists are true to their aim of “ending violence against women” then they’d end sexual harassment laws. Abolish sexual harassment laws, abolish murder.

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Police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

Good news as the police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

I think the use of language is good too since during the paedohysterical noughties a sex offender would have been considered without question to be high risk. Now they admit sex offenders aren’t high risk! Hurray!

Of course, if I were placed on the sex offender register they could argue that they’d make a big mistake considering me low risk as I’d blow the fuckers away if they came to harass me. Then again, the irony is that if they considered me verrry low risk and *never* came to harass me, even when I inevitably refused to register, then they’d do rather well out of it as I wouldn’t have to defend myself by shooting the police fuckers. So the police would live and so would I. Win-win for cooperation, who honestly thinks an authoritarian society is better than a mutually cooperative one?

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Nigel Oldfield Argues With A Paedohysterical Radio Host

One of Britain’s most fearless and outspoken anti-paedohysteria advocates (or is it the most outspoken and fearless?) recently rang into a radio station – which was supporting violent thug Chris Wittwer – to condemn both Chris Wittwer and nonsensical paedohysterical attitudes.

Watch it here:

Nigel Oldfield does a great job of arguing his point against unimaginable hostility from the incredibly bigoted and vile radio show host.

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The Real Reason Grenfell Tower Burnt Down

…because too much money is being spent on the police taking away our freedoms and beating us up as opposed to spending the money on actually constructing buildings properly, or enacting the appropriate regulations.

I mean just look at this, around 100 people have died in the Grenfell Tower fire and all the police can do is arrest a man for posting a photo of one of the dead victims:


And he’s already got 3 months in prison (how on earth can a trial be that quick? Normally people end up on bail for years). I do honestly think that Britain is not a “free country” at all. As I keep saying Britain is really just a politically correct police state. If the BBC were showing a bunch of dead corpses in Africa who had been freshly butchered by some tribe no one would have any problem with it, but as this guy posted a photo of a victim of some freak accident in the UK all of a sudden the image is apparently “unPC” and therefore considered a “malicious communication”.

The Judge Tanweer Ikram has made himself look like a right politically correct twat as has the new, radically feminist, metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick who must ultimately bear responsibility for this arrest and taking away our free expression.

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Australia Prepares to Ban Sex Offenders from Travelling Overseas

Australia is imminently going to ban sex offenders from travelling overseas. The world just keeps on getting worse.

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