Amos Yee is back!

Thanks to one of my loyal readers for informing me of this. Amos Yee, the Singaporean political activist who was jailed for offending religion and, more importantly, once said that child pornography should be legalised has recently been released from a 10 month detention in a US prison after he decided to flee Singapore for the US.

He’s been released and is now allowed to remain in the US. But despite now living in the country with the longest prison sentences for child pornography in the world he’s not backing down, already he’s made another video on why paedophilia is alright:

After being released he was even offered a chance to talk at Harvard but they quickly rescinded the offer after they discovered that he believes that age of consent laws are wrong. So much for Harvard and free speech, eh?

It’s also well worth watching the video where he talks about his 10 month US prison stint, where he is currently at and what he plans to do going forward:

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The women stripping off – for men’s rights

Well this is an interesting video. Seems like more and more women are starting to abandon feminism and instead campaign for men’s rights. But can women be true men’s rights activists or will they just create a watered down, slightly less insane, version of feminism?

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Feminist bitch Kerry McCarthy MP attempts to drive Kelvin Hopkins MP to suicide

As Mike Buchanan recently reported on, it seems that Kerry McCarthy MP is claiming Kelvin Hopkins MP has “harassed” her in several notes that he sent her. This claim is presumably an attempt to drive him to suicide.

The BBC story here shows the content of these notes and it should be clear to any right-thinking person that these are love letters, not “harassment”. The way she is vilifying a vulnerable old 76 year old gentleman is absolutely outrageous. What Kerry McCarthy MP is doing is serious harassment, what Kelvin Hopkins MP was doing was courting.

As Mike rightly points out, it seems that this is a feminist conspiracy to drive all the men out of parliament. They will then be able to create truly insane laws to enslave – or even kill – all men. The human race will die from the feminist disease.

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True Men’s Rights Activists Oppose the Age Of Consent

Certain ‘alt-right’ activists have, in recent years, tried to deliberately claim that feminists are ‘pro-paedophilia’ whilst any ‘normal person’ – including those who support men’s rights – are reviled by it. For that reason I think it’s worth posting an article written by The Anti-Feminist which shows that, historically, Men’s Rights Activists have always been opposed to raising the age of consent and that it was the feminist movement who were originally responsible for raising the age of consent the late 1800s.

The article can be read here.

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Reddit bans incels subreddit under false pretenses that it “incites violence”

Reddit has banned the incels subreddit under the false pretenses that it “incites violence”. The incels subreddit was a community for men who have been unable to make relationships due to feminist oppression.

As I have discussed before there is clear hypocrisy when feminists ban men’s speech using claims of “violence”. Why has white knight Chris Hansen – who once drove a man to blow his own brains out in front of him, and has been responsible for sending hundreds or thousands of men to be brutally raped and beaten in prison – been allowed to continue his activities? Surely Chris Hansen’s violent activities are so severe that they are closer to that of a war crime than your everyday thuggery. But no, he supports the feminist agenda so apparently he is not “violent”. Why is it that Channel 4 were able to air the documentary “The Execution of Gary Glitter” with no legal ramifications? It directly advocated having him murdered and indeed it seems it later even perverted the course of justice as Gary Glitter was later given a life sentence for child sex offences despite him never having done anything wrong.

I could go on and on. My point is this is not about “reddit prohibiting violence” this is about reddit in cahoots with the government declaring an ideological war on men using the usual Orwellian 2+2=5 trickery. We are at war with the State gentleman!

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British politicians begin committing suicide

As the UK descends further into a level of insanity that even those who lived through a Nazi concentration camp could not have predicted, the feminists have committed their first direct political assassination. The current wave of sexual harassment allegations, led by Andrea Leadsom who believes that all men are paedophiles, has resulted in Welsh Labour minister Carl Sargeant taking his own life just days after being accused of sexual harassment by hordes of women so unattractive that it’s impossible to imagine any man as much as taking a second look at them.

It is truly amazing that the same political class who brought in the Protection of Children Act, the Sex Offender Register, the 2003 Sexual Offences Act and the Extreme Pornography bill are now all committing suicide under the very same hateful feminist laws they created. Where will it end?

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The Puritan Hypothesis and Charlie Elphicke (2017)

Interesting article by Sean Gabb on how our country is now ruled by a Politically Correct Puritan elite and what to do about it. His suggestion seems to be to remove their economic base rather than a full frontal assault. I’m not sure I completely agree as I think both are needed – you need to publicly vilify the Puritans to get people thinking and then once people are thinking they can think how to remove the Puritans economic base.

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