Britain’s youngest “rapist”: 11-year-old who had consensual sex with sister kidnapped from family by police

Absolutely shocking. An 11 year old who had consensual sex with his sister has been kidnapped from his family by the police. The British police, assisted by the evil judge Diane Baker, a radical feminist, told him that he would be forced to sign the sex offender register, work with “behavioural psychologists”, his internet usage will be supervised and worst of all he will be prevented from living with his family. She asked him what would happen if he doesn’t work with his supervisors to “improve his behaviour” to which the bewildered 11-year-old, unaware of what the feminist police state was trying to do to him, replied “I don’t know” before she menacingly told him that if he didn’t “improve” then he would appear back in front of her.

He was caught after images were found on his phone, demonstrating that the sex was consensual. Let us all wish for the worst to happen to feminist thug judge Diane Baker.

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Police Scotland Consultation – Tell Them Your Views!

Apparently police scotland have a consultation survey where you can tell them your views. If you are concerned about anonymity it can be filled in anonymously, they ask for your postcode but you can just put in a fake one with no problems. This is your chance to let them know how much you hate their obsession with prosecuting men for sexual offences. I told them that I wanted them to prioritise prosecuting false accusers of rape, false accusers of child molestation and serious criminals in the police (I specifically named Jim Gamble who drove 32+ men to suicide and Lynne Owens for her arrest first, investigate later policy). But feel free to fill it in as you best see fit (it might be better to put it in your own words, so it doesn’t look like spam).

The survey is available here.

The more of us who fill it in the more likely they are to take notice and realise the anti-feminist anger that is out there! To get an idea of how many people need to fill this in for them to take note, there were apparently a little over 10,000 responses for the previous quarter. So if even just 100 people were to fill this in then they should at least realise our views are out there and they need to consider them. If we get 1000 people filling it out then we’re really putting the pressure on!

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Why 38 Degrees is a corrupt, censorious petition site and SHOULD NOT BE USED BY ANYONE

Shocking, 38 degrees have finally explained why they pulled the petition supporting Philip Davies MP for his speech on the justice gap, their response:

Dear <gentleman’s name redacted>,
Thanks for your email.
38 Degrees does not wish to host this petition as the speech that Philip Davies MP gave was anti-feminist. The feminist movement is one which promotes equality. [an amusing claim, albeit an outright lie, our emphasis]
We do not want petitions on our site that promote views that are anti-equality.
Best wishes,
<Lady’s name redacted> & the 38 Degrees team

So 38 degrees are a censorious organisation with a clear corrupt political aim. Everyone who supports free speech should REFUSE to use their service for hosting ANY kind of petition. Use instead.

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Sex Offender Stands Up To The Police – And Why Kim Jong-un is Great!

An American sex offender has recently stood up to the police in a standoff outside his home:

“I will not got quietly. You might as well put a bullet in me now,” shouted the 56-year-old Andrews to the many officers who surrounded his house and blocked off the  major intersection.

Rather contradicting the narrative that the general public hate sex offenders, a large crowd descended offering support to the sex offender:

A huge crowd of neighbors, and people who said they supported Andrews and other curious bystanders gathered nearby.

At times, many of the adults chanted all kinds of things including, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”

Amazingly after the police surrounded his home with SWAT teams and various other tax payer funded thugs the police decided to leave claiming he “was not a threat to the community”.

Greg Andrews bravery must be commended, he should also be celebrated for a previous “offence” he committed when he stalked a Wyandotte County judge – for which he was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

However, it turns out that the reason the police left was because they realised they could punish the guy in a far more sadistic way than merely arresting him, or even killing him. The police instead decided to target his children:

Andrews said late Tuesday afternoon after the standoff ended, police were at the schools of his two children with social workers. Andrews said his 13-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son are now in state custody as investigators determine if his home is “a safe environment for the children.”

In North Korea they call this much more honestly “Three Generations Of Punishment”. Whereas in the West they call it “Child Protection” which is the exact opposite of what it actually is. So there we have it, Kim Jong-un’s so-called dictatorship is more honest than “the land of the free”! All heil Kim Jong-un!

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Matthew Scott: Judge Lower was right not to lift the Sexual RIsk Order on John O’Neill – NO HE WAS NOT!

Shockingly Matthew Scott of BarristerBlogger has written an article saying that Judge Lower was right not to lift the Sexual Risk Order on John O’Neill. He argues this on the basis that John O’Neill had indicated his disturbing thoughts to his psychiatrist and GP.

I vehemently disagree. Sexual Risk Orders are wrong and have no place in a civilised society. Here’s what I wrote in the comment:

I’m pretty shocked you think this order is OK. Someone expressing certain thoughts to psychiatrists/GPs should be PRIVATE. If you allow the word of psychiatrists/GPs to be used in a court of law then people will simply stop going to psychiatrists/GPs for help. So instead, they’ll just go crazy in their own head and then maybe commit a terrorist attack.

Also important here is the AGENDA at play. Sexual Risk Orders were created by feminists. The idea is to make men afraid to form relationships with women by creating a puritanical anti-sex climate where any man knows he can be arbitrarily arrested at the will of the feminist police state. These sexual risk orders can and will be used on other men for a variety of reasons. Heck, the previous sexual harm prevention orders have already been used to great extent and entirely wrongly – yet sexual risk orders are broader! For example, Jeremy Forrest, the man who committed a completely victimless crime of running off with a teenage girl to France was handed a sexual harm prevention order to stop him from EVER having unsupervised access to children or working with them. That was entirely WRONG and the sadist knew it. Personally I think the judge who made that sexual harm prevention order should be handed the death penalty.

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Prosecution, or Persecution?

A great article by Herbert Purdy on the current witch hunt for vulnerable old men accused of sexual offences.

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I’m having a baby with a sex offender

Interesting forum post entitled “I’m having a baby with a sex offender“, the particularly interesting part is the horrendous abuse that social services are trying to subject the family to in the name of “child protection”. Of course, in reality it’s social services that are causing harm to the child. The thing I find shocking is all these guys are being convicted of having perfectly consensual sex with 15yos and there is no outrage. Not even from the poor guy who’s life has been ruined by the feminazis. If I’d been convicted of having sex with a 15yo and then stopped from being anywhere near children then I would have killed the feminazi social workers who were terrorising me (and yes, social services are terrorists). Worst of all the stupid moderator even points the OP to the evil feminist Lucy Faithful Foundation for help!

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