Donald Trump: A Men’s Rights Martyr

I’m sure you’ve all heard the headlines, scores of miserable old feminist hags are making sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump in an attempt to stop him obtaining legislative power and destroying feminism. Well, every allegation I hear against Trump makes me want to vote him all the more! The more the feminists hate Trump, the more I like him. Sure, some of his ideas on foreign policy (like bombing half the world) and his somewhat hypocritical worshiping of the police I don’t agree with. However, Hilary will also bomb half the world and worship the police whilst pretending not to so she’s most certainly no better. The big difference between the two candidates lies in feminism and Trump is showing himself to be a true anti-feminist in his “attitudes towards women” (nothing wrong with locker room talk) and the onslaught that he is getting from the feminist media must surely mean that if he wins – and perhaps even if he doesn’t – he will want the feminists to pay. We need a president who has the political will to initiate a crackdown on feminists.

You’ve all seen the headlines so I won’t repeat them, however, I do believe that the best anti-feminist comment a presidential candidate can come out with is a “pro-paedo comment” and Trump has succeeded in doing just that:

Let’s hope he wins! VOTE TRUMP!!!

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Good News? Councils to be allowed to opt out of child protection laws

In a possibly unprecedented move for many decades the government just *might* be making some positive legislative moves. New laws are being introduced as part of the “Children and Social Work Bill” that will allow councils to opt out of many child protection laws. I’m hopeful that this will reduce the number of innocent families torn apart by the evil laws and give better run councils the chance to shine by rejecting such vile legislation and instead opting for a cheaper more hands off approach.

Rather interestingly the article linked portrays the legislation as negative. I suspect this is because the article is written by radical feminist Sara Ogilvie who, rather ironically and depressingly, works for Liberty – the organisation that used to campaign for civil liberties (and did infact once upon a time campaign for the age of consent to be lowered) but after Shami Chakrabarti took the helm many years ago it is now nothing more than a feminist front. Nonetheless, to me the legislation sounds like a thoroughly welcome addition to British law, though I would of course prefer the abolition of so-called “child protection” legislation.

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Revolution On Campus: Freshers Walk Out Of Vile Sexual Consent Classes

Good news, Freshers have finally grown some balls and refused to listen to the truly disgusting man-hating sexual consent classes that are being taught at York University and slowly rolled out nationwide.

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Hypocrite: Labour’s Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence Previously Convicted of… Domestic Violence

You just couldn’t make the hypocrisy up. Labour’s female shadow minister for domestic violence was previously cautioned for beating up her husband with a framed painting. Shockingly she described it as a “slight altercation” despite the fact that she should know, as shadow minister for domestic violence, that under feminist law DV is the most despicable of crimes with only paedophilia being more reviled (particularly if the underage girl actually enjoyed being banged).

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Radical Feminist Owned On Dragon’s Den

Watch this video of a radical feminist appearing on Dragon’s Den and preaching her man-hating feminist vitriol before being ruthlessly criticised by the members of the Den:

On a related note it’s worth remembering that the former Dragon Den star, Doug Richard, was previously dragged through the courts on child sex charges – and acquitted.


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Changing a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’

Hardly surprising, changing a baby’s diaper in Arizona is now punishable as ‘Child Molestation’ thanks to both the way the law is drafted and the judge’s interpretation of the law. Already one man appears to have been convicted under it.

I think giving birth is also technically illegal in most places now, but of course women will never be prosecuted under such a law because “pussy pass”. However, in the case of changing diapers, obviously any man who changes his child’s diaper will be liable to conviction if caught (but not women, in practice). So sssh, be very secret when changing your kid’s diapers men!😉

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Domestic violence against men soars to record levels as number of cases treble in past decade

Shocking new statistics show that domestic violence against men has soared to record levels with 5,640 women convicted of assaulting their male partners. At least The Sun is reporting it!

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