The Hidden Holocaust

Our society is currently in the grip of a moral panic of epidemic proportions. The biggest worry is that no one in the mainstream media could give a damn, infact, it seems that they are much of the problem. What I am referring to is paedohysteria and more generally hysteria surrounding sex offenders.

Paedohysteria now affects the lives of virtually every person at least in some small way. The average person is well aware of the talk about paedophiles but they seem to accept what they are told and remain ignorant of the reality that it is the hysteria that is the problem and it has had deep profound effects on the nature of human discourse and behaviour throughout the entire planet. I’m not going to go into all the problems of paedohysteria in one blog post (I will gradually cover that later) but I am going to look into the very first and foremost issue that I believe should immediately raise eyebrows – it did for me when I first started looking at this issue.

In the United States today there are around a million yes that’s one million individuals who are classed as subhuman sex offenders. Sex Offenders in the United States are regarded as not having human rights, they are monitored wherever they go often by massive GPS tracking units that they are forced to wear. They are not allowed to live or go near schools or parks. They are not allowed to be with children. They live a subhuman existence that the average person would have thought they could not survive for one second until they find themselves (and many do) with the subhuman sex offender label.

This, in my mind should immediately make one start asking questions. How can there be over a million people who are so evil that they are considered undeserved of human rights? What, specifically, is it that they have done? If we, as a society, are OK with classing over a million individuals as subhuman then why are we so bothered about the Nazi extermination of the Jews?

Of course, I am not suggesting that the Nazi extermination of the Jews was right, but I am suggesting that Sex Offenders are the 21st century Jews and the Sex Offender Registry is essentially the pink triangle and yellow star of the United States of America. I will cover what exactly a “sex offender” is in a later blog post but for now I think it is irrelevant. Someone with an open critical mind who does not blindly follow the authoritarian dictates of the state should immediately start to ask a lot of critical questions when this many individuals are essentially classed as subhuman.

Now the final important point is that what has started in the United States is now spreading to every country in the world. Canada is preparing to introduce a public sex offender registry. Sentences have repeatedly and consistently been raised in countries throughout the world and the laws have been made broader locking up more people for less and less. Britain for instance is now incarcerating over 5,000 sex offenders a year. I believe there are nearly 55,000 individuals classed as subhuman sex offenders in Britain and that number is expected to continue to climb rapidly. In around 5 years the Sex Offender Register has increased by around 11,000 people.

This is not going to end well…

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3 Responses to The Hidden Holocaust

  1. mr p says:

    What happened to your twitter column,Is it a technicality, or are there more sinister and censoring forces at plat here?

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