Victim jailed for not accepting victimhood

An underage girl who refused to testify against her lover because “she still had strong feelings for him” was jailed for 20 hours recently.

Child welfare organisations for some reason attacked her jailing (despite it helping to enforce their victim ideology) but were more than happy to see the innocent man jailed for a barbaric 7 years, as is standard under UK sentencing guidelines for (provably consensual) sex with minors.

A judge’s decision to order the arrest and detention of a child victim of sex abuse to compel her to give evidence against her attacker has been condemned as “utterly shameful” and “Dickensian”.

The 15-year-old girl, who had committed no crime, was held for 20 hours in police cells overnight on the orders of the judge Robert Bartfield, sitting at Bradford crown court. When she finally appeared, her evidence lasted just 22 minutes.

The man who groomed her was more than twice her age and had made the girl pregnant at 14, but she did not want to give evidence because she still had strong feelings for him, the court was told.

The judge’s decision to order her to be detained, at the request of police and prosecutors, attracted severe criticism from victim and child welfare organisations, and has prompted an immediate review into proceedings at Bradford crown court.

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One Response to Victim jailed for not accepting victimhood

  1. Goat says:

    Throw her in jail and provide her “therapy”. She’ll turn against the man very quickly. There is no room in this child hating world for the child’s opinions and sexuality. Only the power of the moral arbiters.

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