Would you approach a child who looked lost?


A video of two girls pretending to be lost in a shopping arcade showed just one person approaching them and offering to help.A film of little girls seemingly lost in a busy shopping arcade shows only one person stopping to ask if they were OK. ITN filmed for more than an hour at London’s Victoria Place shopping centre, where more than 600 people ignored two girls who took it in turns to be “lost”. After watching the footage, the NSPCC said child safety should be more important than the risk of being wrongly accused of being a predator.


The shocking results of paedohysteria. It is absurd, however, that it is The Guardian that now wonders why no one would help a lost child? Afterall it is The Guardian who remarked that Jeremy Forrest, sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for an entirely consensual relationship with a 15 yr old girl “is a creep”. It is The Guardian that never bothered to report properly on the horrors of the stealthily passed 2003 Sexual Offences Act. And it is The Guardian who had headlines after headlines on Savile despite there being far too many allegations for them all to be true and with the factual accuracy of several of them being seriously questionable.


Let us not think that The Guardian have changed their tune however. They have now moved into stage 2: Criminalise all relationships with women. Soon they will undoubtedly be asking why men are so quiet and always seem to avoid talking to women! The depths of their hypocrisy knows no bounds. For many years The Guardian and other ‘broadsheets’ protested that paedohysteria was a tabloid thing despite the broadsheets having the attitude that the mythical paedophile bogeyman, who rapes and kills children to satisfy his sadistic sexual appetite, actually exists and were more than happy to portray normal blokes who download images of 17 yr old girls wearing bikinis as that evil bogeyman.


Interestingly, The Guardian article seems to have actually been triggered by the original Daily Mail article which goes much further in criticising paedohysteria. It seems, strangely, as if the tabloids are leading the charge in calling for an end to paedohysteria. However, time will tell whether this will actually be the case or otherwise a global holocaust will ensue.


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1 Response to Would you approach a child who looked lost?

  1. mr p says:

    There was two occasions that i came to that dilemma,once just driving home
    I saw a toddler wandering close to the road,polish i suspected,I thought should i help but
    I thought better of it,If i took him into the safety of my home, while i made a phone call
    could i get done for abduction? so i left him,hope he was Ok after!

    another time abroad with a friend,a boy was screaming running down the path,obviously lost
    I said should we help,my pal just said “men cant” !

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