Italian Court overturns conviction of man in love with 11 year old girl

A small bit of sanity in an otherwise depraved world:

Italy’s supreme court ruled that a 60 year old man’s relationship with an 11 year old girl was a loving, consensual relationship and that the original conviction had failed to take that into account.

However, the man is now going to be retried – thanks to the lack of double jeopardy laws – and as we know the next judge will probably be some hateful feminist who will promptly double his original sentence.

It’s also worth noting that the comments on the daily mail website are utterly vile – all of them deny an 11 year old her right to sexual self determination and the 60 year old man his right to life, liberty and happiness. Presumably the commentators are either projecting their own failings in life onto another ‘scapegoating’, are just sexually jealous or are in the pay of the ‘child protection’ cartel.



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8 Responses to Italian Court overturns conviction of man in love with 11 year old girl

  1. mr p says:

    The puritans have probably fucked her up now though,with police interrogations etc,one of the problems is people are on a path of self delusion I’m not getting any younger,but I’v still got a few years left in terms of alfa status,I still get 12,13,yo and older giving me the eye,so to speak,of course I’m restricted from acting out my desires,but behind the facade and feminist dogma,allot of
    these teenage girl’s are nice people,they’v not all been indoctrinated into believing all men are evil
    with malign intent etc,many sex negative people are deluded in respect that they would refer to pedo attraction as sick,and the love and desire they have for their own children is projected onto
    the paedophile,they hate the pedo because he is a symbol of their disemboweled desire,check this out from a woman who had a relationship at 12 to13.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Thanks for posting that video mr p, never seen anything quite like it. I’ve long thought that part of the way to dismantle the ‘paedophile police state’ is by arguing from the point of view of youth rights rather than ‘paedophile’ rights. I’ve never quite understood why it seems as though no underage (or formerly underage) people have ever campaigned for their rights.

      If there were just one activist organisation arguing exclusively from that perspective, which had several members with emotional stories to tell, then it could implode the dominant narrative if they could find a way of getting past the feminist censors.

      Let me know if you find any other videos like that…

  2. mr p says:

    check this out wasn’t sure it was still around-)

  3. mr p says:

    this guy is fairly young in this video,Norwegian kid,very witty!

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    All Great videos – thank you for posting them here Mr P.
    It is indeed very encouraging that there are some young people, albeit only a very small few of them (and one that is in fact still a ‘child’ according to feminist law), who perceive all of this mindless paedohysteria, the way everyone else should see it: as the totally stupid, unnecessary and society destroying dominant narrative that it is; but above all, are courageous enough to speak out against it.. .

    That Norwegian lad presented almost the same theory as Angry Harry’s ‘Tea Abuse’ analogy when he discussed the possible negative aspects of the simple act of eating an apple and could well be further explained by it. IOW: it’s all just hysteria based upon hearsay and unfounded fear, all stemming from feminist hate driven propaganda and nothing that’s either true, or helpful to anyone in our messed up Western Society.

    They see things the way I do: where any relationship between two people, irrespective of their age, sex ,or status is a PRIVATE matter between those people and there is no need for anyone else, let alone the totalitarian feminist state and the police to interfere with their private lives, especially when such consensual and loving relationships are harming NOBODY.
    There is however, one exception:
    The only people who are ‘harmed’ in such liaisons are those sexually JEALOUS and embittered, older feminists and that’s really what all the noise and hysteria is all about. ‘Protecting children’ is in fact the furtherest thing from their minds! They know all too well that nobody is ever harmed (never mind ‘children’) in any consensual sexual activity and certainly nobody ever becomes a ‘victim’ from such activities, as the young blonde woman so angrily made clear in the first of the 3 videos.

    Feminists simply generate this hysteria about ‘paedophiles’ motivated by their bitter sexual jealousy, in order to prevent their younger rivals enjoying sexual relationships with older men.
    They really think that if they can prevent men from being allowed to interact (sexually) with younger females, through constantly lobbying governments for ever increasing tougher laws and draconian penalties for such liaisons: they will eventually get the sex they are so desperately missing and long for.
    They aim to make all young attractive, nubile and fertile young women completely off limits to all men by branding all NORMAL male sexuality as ‘paedophilia’. Thus all such normal men are soon to be defined (if not already) as sub-human ‘paedophiles’ and they have already made much progress through their destructive yet very successful campaigning and propaganda, at convincing our society to believe and FEAR what they have now made into the dominant narrative. The dominant narrative that has all but totally destroyed our once functional and fearless society and which has already ruined and even destroyed, the lives of many thousands to millions of good and decent people.
    It MUST be stopped before it is too late.

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