Victims of Paedohysteria

I’ve decided that it’s worth creating a list of identified victims of paedohysteria. Of course there are so many I’ll never list all of them but I want to have a page with a good sample for people to see how evil anti-paedophile laws are. So here’s a first attempt. I’ll be gradually adding to this list over time.

  • The victims of Operation Ore. Over 4,000 individuals and their families in the UK were targeted on suspicion of downloading child pornography. Many were convicted based on absolutely no evidence other than their credit card details appearing in a database which was shown to have had widespread fraud. Despite this many were convicted and some committed suicide. You can find out more about the travesty of Operation Ore at:
  • A 19 year old boy called Ethan who had a consensual relationship with a 15 year old girl. He was then sent to prison for 4 years, released onto the Nazi-style Sex Offender Registry in the land of the ‘free’ and then committed suicide on release.
  • Christian Adamek who, at the age of 15, streaked across the field during a school football game. He was told that he could be placed on the Sex Offender Registry and so he committed suicide.
  • Jeremy Forrest, a school teacher who had a consensual relationship with one of his students who was 15 at the time. They ran off to France together after which the British child abusers protection police dragged them both back. Jeremy Forrest was then tried and convicted of sexual activity with a child and child abduction. He was then sentenced to 5.5 years in prison and life on the Sex Offender registry.  His alleged ‘victim’ has never considered herself a ‘victim’ and cannot be named because UK child protection law does not allow anonyimity for ‘victims’ in child sex trials – it forces anonymity.
  • Yale Howarth who killed himself at the age of 15 after fearing being sent to prison for consensual sex with a girl.
  • Carlos Manuel Delgado initially sentenced to life on the sex offender registry and 10 years probation he was then sent to prison for an astronomical 25 years for the technicality of violating his probation. After serving 11 years, 2 months and 17 days in prison he has – amazingly – finally been released on a pardon as the political climate in America on mass incarceration and paedophile hysteria gradually changes.
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2 Responses to Victims of Paedohysteria

  1. Great stuff you are writing.

    Maybe you want to help at this subreddit?

    Visit Human-Stupidity, especially
    Teenage Sexuality (91)   Child Porn Witch Hunt

    • holocaust21 says:

      Ok, yes I’ll keep that in mind.

      I guess the trouble is though that it’s very specific and what I really want to do is to get more people to find out about our movement. Which is why I’ve recently taken to Twitter as it seems like a good platform for ‘getting the word out’ a bit more.

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