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9 Reasons Why Child Porn Laws Are Evil

When I started writing this article I couldn’t believe how many reasons I could come up with as to why child pornography laws are totally wrong. So without further ado, it’s time to abolish this offence from our legal statutes; … Continue reading

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False accuser given significant jail sentence

At last a false accuser has been given a significant jail sentence in the United Kingdom: A trainee barrister has been jailed after being found guilty of falsely accusing her former boyfriend of a series of rapes and assaults. Sentencing … Continue reading

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Home secretary uses child abuse as excuse for Orwellian Police State

The British home secretary, Theresa May, today used child abuse as an excuse for building an Orwellian Police State. In a renewed call for a ‘Snoopers Charter’, ingeniously hidden in the middle of a Guardian article is the following mention: … Continue reading

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Study finds teenage pregnancies lower risk than over 30s

Adolescents are often noted to have an increased risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth compared with older women, but the existing evidence is inconsistent and in many cases contradictory. We aimed to quantify the risk of maternal death in … Continue reading

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The Oxford Student: The way society treats ‘paedophiles’ is ugly

I came across an article in The Oxford Student recently which suggests that the way society treats paedophiles (whatever they are) is ugly. Unfortunately, the student writing the article seemed to believe that downloading child porn (a private thought crime) … Continue reading

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Politician censored as he swears on mainstream media

Highlighting the terrible plight of mainstream media censorship Ofcom is investigating whether the BBC has broken broadcasting standards after a politician, Nick Herbert, used the term ‘fuckwit’ on live television. He was disgracefully told off for using it right away, … Continue reading

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Frail 94 year old man jailed for historic sexual offences

A 94 year old man has been convicted and jailed for sexual offences dating back decades. Bent over his zimmer frame, unable to walk up stairs, bath or dress himself, Judge David Goodin got great satisfaction out of claiming that … Continue reading

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