Radical feminist Alison Saunders calls for rape conviction rates to rise

Radical feminist Alison Saunders who believes ‘All sex is rape’ and who is now head paedofinder general of the CPS has called for rape conviction rates to rise in response to the revelations that they have finally started falling.


It seems conviction rates rose to as much as 63% at trial in 2011-2012 before finally falling back to 60%. However, in the meantime more cases have been brought to court meaning that juries will have been confronted with ever more ridiculous cases for things like ’60 years ago my bum was touched when I was 12 by this dirty old man and now I realise it was rape’. And often no one would be willing to point out that the ‘dirty old man’ was infact 11 at the time for fear of being called a paedophile apologist.

Astonishingly in the above article, Hugh Moir (a man), makes the following comment:

When the problem is myths and stereotypes, be they about gender, or sexuality or race, or any other area that challenges the default assumptions of the white, heterosexual males who control the levers of power, the effort must be unceasing. As soon as the pressure falls off, the default position asserts itself. When we are not moving forward, we go backwards.

It seems that Hugh Moir is a typical black middle class man like Obama. He feels detached from the genuine problems of many black men and yet on an intellectual level he feels associated to them. Emotionally he is as close to knowing what it’s like to be a black prisoner in the American Gulag as he is to being a radical feminist who’s life was ‘destroyed’ by once seeing a penis. As a consequence he has confused black civil rights – which genuinely had a point – with support for feminism and highly dubious patriarchy theory.

He may well be right about one thing though – when the pressure falls off, the default position asserts itself. Without feminist dogma and bigotry being broadcast into every home the ideology would collapse. Sex would, once again, not be seen as a crime.

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