Politician censored as he swears on mainstream media

Highlighting the terrible plight of mainstream media censorship Ofcom is investigating whether the BBC has broken broadcasting standards after a politician, Nick Herbert, used the term ‘fuckwit’ on live television. He was disgracefully told off for using it right away, demonstrating the total lack of commitment to free speech that the BBC has.


This is also ironic given that the BBC use the swearword ‘paedophile’ frequently, and without sanction, to describe men that they’ve decided to scapegoat. Those who don’t think that ‘paedophile’ is now all but a meaningless anti-male swearword should think again. Even more worryingly what we are seeing today is a culture of selective insulting. Those of certain viewpoints are allowed to throw as much mud as they like, dissidents, on the otherhand, are censored when they retaliate. For example, I was recently called a paedophile when commenting on CNN and as such I retaliated by pointing out that my opponent was probably a closet paedophile with thousands of images of hardcore preteen child rape porn on his hard drive. Yet despite HIM having been the one who initiated a flamewar *I* was the one who’s post was deleted and was then put under moderation.

Increasingly we live in a PC fascist state. Soon we will start to see the paedophile unit kick down the doors of men who dare to stand up and speak the truth. Who knows, perhaps even those who merely hear the truth will be paid a visit!

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