The Oxford Student: The way society treats ‘paedophiles’ is ugly

I came across an article in The Oxford Student recently which suggests that the way society treats paedophiles (whatever they are) is ugly. Unfortunately, the student writing the article seemed to believe that downloading child porn (a private thought crime) or having underage sex are ‘horrific’ crimes. He failed to acknowledge that they are not generally harmful and instead seemed to believe that ‘paedophiles’ could be ‘virtuous’, an intriguing puritan concept.

I commented on the article yesterday but alas, my response has not appeared. I can only assume that the feminist student union censors have stopped it. If so, this is proof that Oxford University is a shithole full of uneducated morons who prefer dogma, bigotry and censorship over reason, science and debate. In any case, I repost my response here:

Well Hugh it’s very brave that you’re trying to push for some sanity in a world that has gone insane and is now arguably more puritanical than at any other point in history.

However, you did get all your facts completely wrong. As someone pointed out above the RIND study showed that in many cases ‘child sexual abuse’ as defined by 21st century radical feminist definitions (i.e. ‘All underage sex is rape’) does NOT cause harm. Unsurprisingly they found a correlation between force used and harm done. There is no scientific proof whatsoever for the completely arbitrary age of consent. Indeed as a nation we watched as we saw a teacher chap by the name of Jeremy Forrest given a barbaric 5.5 years in prison for a relationship that was obviously consensual. Only radical feminists believe it was not. On my blog I explain why he was right to fall in love with her:

As increasing numbers of us are trying to point out, what is commonly called ‘paedophilia’ is arguably just normal male sexuality and it has absolutely nothing to do with being abused as a child.

And on that note, every man at Oxford University should be very afraid. Already your student union president is being hounded by anti-rape feminists. The feminists will not stop at the ‘paedophiles’ as their ideology is to continually broaden sexual offence legislation until they are either stopped by force or every last man on the planet has been hanged. One of the posters above pointed out how extreme this has already become with ‘Sexual Risk Orders’ that allow men to be locked away with no trial. What Oxford needs is a men’s sexual rights movement.

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2 Responses to The Oxford Student: The way society treats ‘paedophiles’ is ugly

  1. mr p says:

    well said there,but i’m not surprised your blog didn’t make it through,all that talk of student union and feminists,the censors start to pop their heads out of the sand like meerkat’s.

  2. Alan Yawn the tasmanian tiger says:

    uneducated manginas!!!! deleting your comment LIKE THE COWARDS THEY ARE!!!!!!!
    Give all of them V.I.P treatment!!!! (throws boomerang)

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