Study finds teenage pregnancies lower risk than over 30s

Adolescents are often noted to have an increased risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth compared with older women, but the existing evidence is inconsistent and in many cases contradictory. We aimed to quantify the risk of maternal death in adolescents by estimating maternal mortality ratios for women aged 15—19 years by country, region, and worldwide, and to compare these ratios with those for women in other 5-year age groups.

Our findings suggest that the excess mortality risk to adolescent mothers might be less than previously believed, and in most countries the adolescent maternal mortality ratio is low compared with women older than 30 years.

This is potentially a major blow for the feminists. If the feminists want to keep their age of consent laws then this research clearly demonstrates that there should be an upper bound age of consent. In other words, it should be a serious criminal offence to have sex with women over 30 for their own ‘protection’…!

I bet the aging, man-hating feminists won’t like being forced to be involuntarily celibate. However, having an absurdly high lower bound age of consent of 18 and no upper bound age of consent is less rational than having only an upper bound age of consent since the risk of maternal mortality is vastly higher in older women than adolescents.

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