Home secretary uses child abuse as excuse for Orwellian Police State

The British home secretary, Theresa May, today used child abuse as an excuse for building an Orwellian Police State. In a renewed call for a ‘Snoopers Charter’, ingeniously hidden in the middle of a Guardian article is the following mention:

the home secretary instead said the National Crime Agency had to drop at least 20 cases during a six-month period as a result of missing communications data: “Thirteen of these were threat-to-life cases in which a child was assessed to be at risk of immediate harm,” she said without giving further details of why they were dropped.

May goes on to make the Orwellian statement:

The real problem is not that we have built an over-mighty state but that the state is finding it harder to fulfil its most basic duty, which is to protect the public.

In the book 1984 it is said that the ‘Ministry of Truth’ really means the Ministry of Lies. Similarly, in 2014 it seems that the ‘Ministry of Protection’ really refers to the Ministry of Abuse.

May continues:

It is much harder now – there is more data, we do not own it and we can no longer always obtain it. I know some people will say ‘hurrah for that’ – but the result is that we are in danger of making the internet an ungoverned, ungovernable space, a safe haven for terrorism and criminality.

That’s ironic. There is more data because people waste more of their lives in front of PCs than ever before. Now ever increasing parts of their lives are being handed over to the police. In times gone by, those parts of their lives would never have been stored as data thus the government would have been unable to obtain it.

At least she acknowledges that some people despise both her and the police state she has created.

Unbelievably though, she then goes on to tell obviously blatant lies:

Computers search for only the communications relating to a small number of suspects under investigation. Once the content of these communications has been identified, and only then, is it examined by trained analysts. And every step of the way it is governed by strict rules, checked against Human Rights Act requirements.

Ah that’s alright then, we’ll all be protected by the same Human Rights Act that you’re trying to scrap, Ms May. As they say, the bigger the lie, the more they believe it…

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