False accuser given significant jail sentence

At last a false accuser has been given a significant jail sentence in the United Kingdom:

A trainee barrister has been jailed after being found guilty of falsely accusing her former boyfriend of a series of rapes and assaults.

Sentencing Rhiannon Brooker, 30, to three and half years, the judge Julian Lambert said she had acted in an “utterly wicked” way and argued that false claims made it more difficult for real rape victims to be believed in court.

3.5 years in prison for a false allegation. This may still be significantly less than the sickening decades behind bars that men suffer after being jailed under feminist inspired sexual offence laws but, unlike previous sentences handed down which are basically a joke, this is moving into serious time territory. 3.5 years in prison can be enough for her to lose all her friendships, for her to perhaps experience the agony of a close relative dying while she is still behind bars and for her to be mentally, financially and emotionally unable to move on after prison. I’m no fan of gulags, but if sentences for rape must be decades then sentences for lies must also be decades.

It is also refreshing to hear the wording of the prosecutor:

This case was brought both to protect the integrity of genuine rape allegations and victims of rape and because of the devastating effects false allegations of sexual offending can have on genuine victims, innocent people so accused and their families.

That’s very similar wording to the rhetoric that was previously (and still is) directed at men who download nude images of 17 year old girls.

It’s time to send a clear message to the feminists: Liars have no place in our society. Those who have lied will be hunted down, we will find you, we will put you on trial and we will imprison you.

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