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Police Arrest Hundreds of Young Children for Sex Crimes

It has been announced that the police have been arresting hundreds of young children – some as young as eight – for sexual offences primarily involving ‘playing doctor’. The police, in cahoots with the NSPCC and our power hungry politicians … Continue reading

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The Holocaust Begins: Sex Offender Population Rockets

The Sex Offender prison population is now rocketing in the United Kingdom. Eight jails are now dedicated to holding only sex offenders. Britain’s most prolific psychopath Justice Minister, Chris Grayling, has stated that he makes ‘no apologies for putting sex … Continue reading

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Major Crackdown on Internet Free Speech and Anonymity begins

Lord Best has called for those who use social networking sites, such as Twitter, to be put on a special ‘register’ so that the police can put them away – probably for many decades – if they commit any thought … Continue reading

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British Police: Teenagers who share ‘sexts’ could face prosecution

The British police are now threatening children who share ‘abuse images’ of themselves with prosecution. A police force has warned schoolchildren who share so-called “sexts” with friends over the internet that they could face prosecution in the criminal courts. In … Continue reading

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Man-Hating Extremist Jinan Younis Calls For All Men To Be Raped With Consent Classes

Yesterday a radical feminist man-hating extremist by the name of Jinan Younis has effectively called for all male university students to be raped with compulsory sexual consent classes. As a justification for introducing compulsory sexual consent classes she makes the … Continue reading

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Ally Fogg and his apparent belief in guilty until proven guilty

I recently posted on Ally Fogg’s blog (a Guardian journalist for those who don’t know him) in his thread “No excuses: Yewtree, the stars and the victim-blaming“. I criticised him because he justified imprisonment for men having consensual relationships with … Continue reading

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Police Onslaught Against Men And Children Continues

The police today have made another massive Operation Ore-style raid on 660 thought criminals. They simultaneously destroyed the lives of 400 children by taking them into care, where they are likely raped and beaten for real – afterall there is … Continue reading

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