Abolish the drinking age!

I came across a couple of articles recently regarding the drinking age:



The first one in particular makes some good points about the way the US Federal Government bullied states in 1984 to raise the drinking age. This is similar to the way they bullied states to introduce barbaric sex offender laws such as the Adam Walsh Act.

This should remind us that abolishing age restrictions across the spectrum is important and that age laws are viciously anti-youth not pro-youth as angry, man hating feminists would have us believe.

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4 Responses to Abolish the drinking age!

  1. mr p says:

    I think places like France,Italy are good examples to follow regarding introducing alcohol to kids.
    If you deny stuff,It can come forbidden fruit,my dad was an alcoholic,I had plenty of chances to raid the cabinet if I wished.I drank cider often at a young age,not necessarily coz I liked it,because
    I helped on a farm,and sometimes that’s all that was there.But what do I know I’m just an evil pedo!

  2. mr p says:

    Here check this out,Pseudo science i’d say,As I mention above I must be an exception
    to the rule!

    • holocaust21 says:

      God that article is rubbish. It seems to be taking the child sexual abuse narrative and applying it to underage drinking.

      ‘A single glass of wine or beer at the age of 14 can push a young teenager along the path to binge drinking, say scientists.’
      ‘A single touch of the bum can result in a young teenager being traumatised for the rest of their lives’

      This kind of shit can only be expected in our extremist, vindictive and puritanical society.

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