Paediatricians are now officially paedophiles afterall

Demonstrating the new heights of insanity that our society is going to it is now officially sanctioned fact that paediatricians are paedophiles:

paediatrician is accused of sexual offences against cancer sufferers in his care as young as 11, prosecutors told a court.

Dr Myles Bradbury faces four counts of sexual assault and four counts of engaging in, or inciting a boy to engage in, sexual activity. The 41-year-old paediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge, appeared at Cambridge magistrates court.

Contrast this with an article in the BBC back in 2006 which used the example of a mob who couldn’t spell mistaking a paediatrician for a paedophile. That example was widely circulated to indicate the level of paedohysteria in Britain and why it is a bad thing. Now, however, such an example is used to demonstrate how evil paedophilia is and how not even paediatricians will be safe from our paedophile police state. As part of their job, paediatricians must of course deal intimately with patients to cure their illnesses and under radical feminist definitions of sexual abuse – which include touching any part of a child’s body – they are therefore all paedophiles.

The downside to paedohysteria will thus be that hundreds or even thousands of children will die from deadly diseases because they do not have adequate medical care as a result of all the paediatricians being either in prison or not working in the profession.

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One Response to Paediatricians are now officially paedophiles afterall

  1. mr p says:

    Soon to qualify for the job of paediatrician firstly you must be a woman,A job no longer available for a man.I remember when on holiday on one of the popular Spanish Islands,sat at a cafe watching the people walk past on the busy marina,A group walked passed,two or three girls that looked about 20,and a boy about 11 or 12,one of the girls was messing around laughing joking but also groping his butt,the boy didn’t seem to mind,actually he had a smile on his face,but the point I’m making is,flip that around and imagine a man doing that….would he even risk it as part of a joke? If he’s got an ounce of common sense i’d doubt it,there is the double standard,people don’t like the thought of men gaining pleasure from anything.

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