The Barbaric Abuse of Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris has been convicted of ‘sexual offences’ and now sentenced to a sickening 5 years and 9 months in prison. This is for crimes committed decades ago for which no evidence was provided and where the offences committed against two of the victims were absurdly trivial. They really can virtually be summed up as ‘he touched my bum’ offences. This site has a good detailed breakdown on his sentencing.

After his conviction our sick and depraved media gloated over the fact that he will probably die in jail. Let us remind ourselves that one of the underlying motivations for much of the human rights legislation that we have today – or rather used to have – was the idea that the criminal justice system should appear to be better than those it convicted.  Today, however, increasingly the criminal injustice ‘justice’ system masturbates over its sheer barbarity and vindictive nastiness.

The director of the NSPCC, Peter Watt, an opportunistic politician who was forced to resign from the labour party during the Donorgate affair publically vilified Rolf Harris despite not being exactly squeaky clean himself. The NSPCC are known to be staffed almost exclusively by radical man-hating feminists as well as hypocritical male politicians. Infact, the NSPCC are such an opportunistic lying organisation that some have dubbed them the NSPCL (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Liars).

To add insult to injury the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, is now considering whether to make Rolf Harris’s barbaric sentence – in which he will probably already die in jail – even longer.

As such, since I’m such a do-gooder and so dedicated to preventing the scurge of sexual abuse I have to ask my readers that if they have ever been sexually abused by Dominic Grieve then please report it to the police. Try to remember if you were ever in the vicinity of Dominic Grieve and keep in mind that many victims of sexual abuse do not even know that they were abused. Even something as trivial as a bum touch is a heinous crime. And don’t forget: You will be believed.

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8 Responses to The Barbaric Abuse of Rolf Harris

  1. Emma Baillie says:

    Justice has finally been done. It’s only a shame he didn’t get a longer sentence, as he would if he had committed any of his crimes today.

    • holocaust21 says:

      This comment is an example of what we’re all up against. People who seem to think that bigotry and dogma constitutes ‘an argument’.

      Indeed, Emma seems incapable of addressing even a single argument I have raised on here such as that some of Harris’s alleged crimes are incredibly trivial and that there is no clear evidence for him having done anything. This is not to mention that, regarding the woman at the center of the case, Rolf Harris had even written a letter apologising for what he had done ( Yet far from this being indicative of mitigating circumstances it apparently ‘sealed his fate’. If he was such an evil monster, would he have ever written such a letter? I don’t think so.

      So no, coming on here and simply stating how you dream of making him suffer is not ‘an argument’ it merely reinforces what I am trying to say: That paedofinder generals are a bunch of sadistic sick fucks who relish in the torture and suffering of others.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Bitterly jealous and fugly Emma is probably angry and wished Rolf was given a longer sentence because she wasn’t one of his ‘victims’. Like any normal man, Rolf wouldn’t have noticed her, let alone want to grope her!

  3. mr p says:

    NSPCC national society for PC cunts,read it somewhere,I’m claiming that because it fits well.
    I saw Newsnight tonight,their is a rising population of old people,and it’s growing,42% “alleged ”
    sex crimes,I’m struggling with why the touch of an ass,or grope etc,Is anything more then naughty
    I mean why is it worse then a kick in the groin,or a slap in the face,It’s western countries that have
    this ageing prison populace,because poorer countries don’t have vast resources to waist on historic abuse etc,It’s trivial shit when basic survival is at stake,that’s also the attitude of war rape victims,It’s us westerners with our “high standards” that make a fuss of rape,forgetting the large amount of boys and men murder’ed,At least those women are alive!

    And I’m skeptical about this “victim” of harris,It seemed to have lasted quite a few years after the age of 13,a sexual relationship comes to mind,If it was that bad,why keep going back,he must’v tricked her into enjoying it,when she shouldn’t have,then later feeling dirty and guilty,I.E sociogenic factors at play again.

  4. holocaust21 says:

    The Guardian even did an ‘official’/’objective’ sounding editorial advocating how Rolf Harris received a ‘just sentence’. See:

    As such I should also add that if anyone has been sexually abused by Alan Rusbridger (editor of The Guardian) then *please* go to the police! The sooner all these hypocrites are in prison the better!

  5. holocaust21 says:

    I should add that by no means am I saying that Dominic Grieve or Alan Rusbridger are sexual predators, I’m merely doing my dutiful task as a good honest decent law abiding citizen to check (CRB check, if you will) that they have not been sexually abusing women or children. As we know, sexual abuse victims need encouragement and confidence to come forward – which is exactly what I’m trying to do!

    Just incase, right?

  6. Opus says:

    It seems that the new standard of evidence in criminal proceedings is no longer ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ but merely ‘female whim – and female fantasy’ – the accusation is the evidence and clearly requires the most punitive sentence. Whilst feminazis welcome ‘death to all men’ – the very people who have turned life on earth in the west from a struggle against the elements to one by any historical standards, of endless ease, and with men to continue to wait upon them hand-and-foot – it is reflective to spend a few minutes or ten perusing the pages of Plenty of Fish and OKCupid and the despairing resumes of the endless thirty-something women – frequently no longer so slim or chaste – and who desperately seek a man they might call their husband – a quest they would perhaps have been better advised to actively seek when they were ten or fifteen years younger – men from whom they would be only too grateful to receive some physical interest. Their quest is however largely in vain as increasingly (and for varying reasons but not least because of the attempts by the Frauen Reich to label all men ‘creepy’) men would rather chew barbed-wire than take a chance with the aging hags. This is what forty years of female ‘liberation’ has brought us to: intense dislike by women of men (for no obvious reason given that men always cave in to every female demand) and ever more insane requirements frequently of a mutually contradictory nature combined with increasing female frustration as men looking at the options available prefer to pass.

    If women (and their white knight supporters) receive gloating satisfaction that an elderly man is given a life-sentence – a man who incidentally had for half a century been as much loved and liked as any public figure might be, for what – heinous though his crimes have to be judged – do not involve any of the following: murder, theft, arson, fraud, GBH, ABH or Rape let alone the extraction of electricity or benefit fraud, war crimes or driving whilst under the influence let alone importation of class A drugs or trafficking of humans or dogs not passed through quarantine; then dare I suggest that his sentence is motivated not be any desire for justice but merely an appeal to the basest and most cruel instincts of females.

  7. Opus says:

    May I add that from my own observation that women are simply incapable of enjoying casual sex: for women, sex (the only real thing they have to offer, as their catawauling makes all too clear) needs to either be paid for up front as with short-time love – i.e. prostitution, or paid with annuities being long-term love i.e. marriage. Women – whilst happy to throw their bodies at Harley McBadBoy FuckBuddy RockDrummer and Alpha MacGorgeous – are only too keen to have criminalised the former (that is to say, to cut out the scab labour of prostitution) and to break their vows with the latter, always assuming they were ever made in the first place.

    Persecutions such as that of Harris can only lead to men taking notice – and then walking away – whilst others will surely throw caution to the wind. If I may say so, white males in England are surely the most decent and reserved of men that one could get on this planet of ours (along with the Germans, Sweden and Nordic countries). Any Friday night one can see the young women out in their micro-pelmets or plunging neck-lines – you never see men dressed in such a provocative manner – yet the males never respond as their Testosterone would indicate they ought. If women feel the need to incarcerate men for responding to their up-close and personal blandishments as so many clearly do – and Harris is one of those – then they are IMHO raising the bar beyond any reasonably sane level. “It is not”, in the words of F. Roger Devlin “wise to place such pressure on human nature”.

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