The Persecution Manual

Inquistion21 reveals a very interesting new piece of research:

‘The Persecution Manual’ is the title being given to the procedures being used by Social Services in certain countries, in particular Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the other English-speaking countries. The title has arisen from a comprehensive study of the ‘persecution strategies’ employed by Social Services by a Swedish academic. This study can now be used in constitutional and human rights actions by parents against Social Services.

The title of the study is ‘The Rhetoric Case – Persecution strategies in a child care order investigation’ and it is written by Linda Ärlig, Department of Social Science, the Psychology Section, University of Örebro, Sweden.

It is an immensely important document, which can be put to good use to protect persecuted parents. The full text is here.

The full text is certainly worth a read. I’ve only skim read it myself so far but it seems to outline the various persecution strategies (with references to past studies) used by social workers to paint those whose lives they destroy as subhuman. It examines in detail a particular case and demonstrates how each paragraph employs the various persecution strategies outlined, totally lacking the standards that would be expected of an objective investigation.

Undoubtedly I think this document is highly relevant to sexual offence trials as well, where the defendant is left being slagged off by the prosecution using a whole range of persecution strategies against which, as he has already been labelled as guilty, he is defenceless. Afterall, both social workers and radical feminist prosecutors are major components of the overall ‘paedophile police state’ apparatus.

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3 Responses to The Persecution Manual

  1. Opus says:

    Indeed. Consider Harris’ case where the Prosecution in opening described Harris as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde character’. Jekyll and Hyde were entirely fictional creations of Stevenson; Jekyll a concerned Medical Doctor, Jekyll a serial killer. Note how by attempting to stress (in their view) that Harris had two sides, the prosecution imply that he either is or is as bad as a serial killer. I trust that the Defence objected (but I doubt it) but it being so vivid I doubt that the Jury could easily put the first thing they are told about Harris form their minds.

  2. mr p says:

    Here is a quote from a Critic of the Swedish prostitution laws

    We are a nation that dislikes discussion and loves consensus,And a nation that views itself as the
    conscience of the world,But in this matter decisions were made over the heads of people affected by it.

    • holocaust21 says:

      So from the text that’d be persecution strategy…

      5.3.1 Strategy of ignoring the client’s perspective

      Junttila et al. (1994, p.40) defines the strategy of ignoring the client perspective: “The client perspective means that one takes into consideration the client’s understanding, experience, ideas, suggestions, own feelings, resources, networks etc. Ignoring the client perspective makes the client seem like an object.”

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