Peter Saunders of NAPAC makes veiled threat to Stephen Fry for speaking out against Operation Yewtree

Recently it was announced in a shockingly small number of media outlets (why?) that Stephen Fry spoke out against Operation Yewtree at a Labour fundraiser, specifically singling out Keir Starmer in the audience and criticising him for the enormous travesty of justice.

However, inevitably the child protection cartel were quick to go on the attack. Peter Saunders of NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood) publically made a veiled threat to Stephen Fry:

Stephen Fry thrives on publicity and occasionally says some quite outrageous and highly inappropriate things. Mr Fry, like many other so-called celebrities, may consider himself to be above the law that applies to the rest of us mere mortals.

Fortunately he is wrong, and just because someone is a household name doesn’t mean that the past will not catch up with them.

Alison Saunders and other prosecutors deserve a medal to “dare” to prosecute people who are rich and famous.

As many of us have long pointed out the reason why there is no real criticism of the emerging ‘paedophile police state’ is because anyone who dares to stand up for the ‘paedophiles’ is automatically accused of paedophilia themselves and this is such an example. However, the only option for us is to go forwards, to point out the fact that opportunistic money-grabbing filth like Peter Saunders are trying to silence truth through their veiled threats and pseudo-marxist gibberish. There is only one person who thinks they are above the law, Peter, and that’s you. And there is a place for people like that Peter, it’s called prison, and it’s where you belong.

UPDATE: It seems Peter Saunders has a murky past, some might say he is rather ‘liberal’ with the truth, see: – yet another Somaly Mam, anyone?

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4 Responses to Peter Saunders of NAPAC makes veiled threat to Stephen Fry for speaking out against Operation Yewtree

  1. thedude says:

    What an asshole. So blatant too. When are these little tinpot fascists going to get what’s coming to them?

  2. mr p says:

    well i would love to be the one that finds him in a dark alley.

  3. Opus says:

    Let us not forget that only a few years ago anyone who attempted any form of empathy for Homosexuals also received the insult of ‘you must be one too’. The slightest suspicion of even so much as one Homosexual Act or suspected act was enough to produce unanimous mocking and shaming. These days, such a response may well be met with a threat to report the comment to the police as Homophobia. Of course one always suspected that the most gratuitously Homophobic men were the ones least certain of their alleged sexuality and that they might be protesting just that bit too much. Women (who cannot have been affected) were likewise formerly extremely homophobic but – copying whatever men do – are now Homophiles.

  4. Opus says:

    Apropos Peter Saunders – sex with no fewer than four men including no less than two Roman Catholic Priests (all unnamed) in his childhood – reminds me somewhat of Lady Bracknell and the handbag. I too was schooled by an order of Monks and I much regret to say that not so much as one of them ever laid a finger on me sexually (not pretty enough, I suppose) – nor any of my school-friends as far as I am aware; not even the pretty one roped in, in the school play, to play Lady Bracknell’s niece – so pretty Ladyboy would have seemed the obvious career-choice.

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