Man-Hating Extremist Jinan Younis Calls For All Men To Be Raped With Consent Classes

Yesterday a radical feminist man-hating extremist by the name of Jinan Younis has effectively called for all male university students to be raped with compulsory sexual consent classes. As a justification for introducing compulsory sexual consent classes she makes the following claim:

Consent workshops aren’t about preaching or judging. I attended a training session earlier this year that explained how they would work, and we discussed the sorts of things in everyday life we typically ask consent for. This ranged from seeing if a chair is free, to going to the toilet during a class. It revealed that we ultimately ask for people’s consent all the time, so in sex it should be no different.

So she believes that we ask for consent for everything all the time, and thus rape should be no different. Yet completely contradicting her claim she is insisting on FORCING men to attend compulsory consent classes. By forcing innocent men to attend compulsory consent classes without their consent she is effectively committing a form of man-rape. Infact, if I were forced to attend a compulsory consent class I would find it incredibly traumatic and life destroying, being told that I am a potential rapist, that I must be very careful to ensure I don’t rape, that should I make one mistake (like forgetting to doublecheck whether my partner is still consenting every 30 seconds) then I will spend the rest of my days being beaten and assaulted in prison.

Infact, let’s do a comparison between sexual assault and compulsory consent classes:

Sexual Assault Compulsory Consent Classes
Many Sexual Assault victims don’t even know they were abused Conmpulsory Consent Class victims know only too well they were abused, having been explicitly told that they must attend and forced to take time out of their day to attend
Many Sexual Assault victims are lead to believe that they are to blame for being assaulted Many Compulsory Consent Class victims are lead to believe that they are to blame for being subjected to consent classes (e.g. taking the blame for being part of the ‘patriarchy’).
Many Sexual Assault victims are afraid of their man walking out on them if they don’t do what the man wanted Many Compulsory Consent Class victims are afraid of being kicked out of their university if they don’t do what the radical feminist student union ‘representatives’ want
Sexual Assault can often have a duration of as little as 1 second with a quick touch of the bum Compulsory Consent Classes are likely to have a duration of at least an hour (perhaps several hours?). Making it steal a much more significant part of a man’s life.

There may well be more comparisons one can make, but those are just the ones that immediately came to mind. I think that from this we can conclude that compulsory consent classes are worse than sexual assault.

It’s probably worth noting that we actually don’t ask for consent for everything all the time. I don’t ask for consent to go to the toilet ever. Nor do I usually ask for consent to take a chair – unless I think someone is likely to object. But of course that’s what it is about isn’t it? We might touch someone because we make a guess that they might want to be touched. But sometimes we are wrong in that assumption and that is life. Decades in prison for ‘inapproprate behaviour’ is just sickening.

Fundamentally, her underlying reasons for wanting consent classes are her ridiculous belief in ‘rape culture’ citing the usual absurd statistics. Even by her own admission, many women accept that it is sometimes OK to hit women:

Surveys have shown that one in two boys and one in three girls think it is OK to sometimes hit a woman or force her to have sex.”

If it is such a ‘heinous crime’ against women then why do so many think that? Either they don’t or there is something else the feminists are hiding. Indeed it could be that many women acknowledge that if a woman hits a man, then it is OK for him to hit her back. But of course for the feminists and their perverted idea of ‘equality’ they still like the ‘privilege’ that ‘patriarchy’ brought them of being ‘delicate little things’ who must never be hit – no matter how much they hit and abuse men.

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