The Holocaust Begins: Sex Offender Population Rockets

The Sex Offender prison population is now rocketing in the United Kingdom. Eight jails are now dedicated to holding only sex offenders. Britain’s most prolific psychopath Justice Minister, Chris Grayling, has stated that he makes ‘no apologies for putting sex offenders where they deserve to be’. This of course includes those who have committed thought crimes by downloading one of the many kinds of images that are illegal in Britain, those who have consensual sex with teenage girls and those who have been falsely accused.

The government is also now starting to rollout programs to hand sex offenders dangerous drugs ostensibly to ‘curtail their libido’. As with other dangerous drugs such as Thalidomide these could potentially have long lasting effects even after the sex offenders have been released from prison (if they ever are released). It may also be in contravention of the United Nations Convention against Torture which prohibits cruel and degrading treatment – the breaching of which is a serious offence. If Chris Grayling is so confident about the ‘safety’ of such drugs then my suggestion would be that he try them himself – in large quantities.

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2 Responses to The Holocaust Begins: Sex Offender Population Rockets

  1. thedude says:

    Oh, I don’t know… there seems to be plenty of prolific psychopaths in the UK these days. They’re easy to spot – they’re the ones opening their mouths in public.

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