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Another Jeremy Forrest: Teacher Richard Jones Jailed for 8 Years for Consensual Sex

Yet another teacher has been handed out a barbaric prison sentence, just like Jeremy Forrest: Jones was today jailed for a total of eight years after he admitted a string of sexual offences against both victims. Manchester Crown Court heard … Continue reading

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Peter Saunders of NAPAC makes veiled threat to Stephen Fry for speaking out against Operation Yewtree

Recently it was announced in a shockingly small number of media outlets (why?) that Stephen Fry spoke out against Operation Yewtree at a Labour fundraiser, specifically singling out Keir Starmer in the audience and criticising him for the enormous travesty … Continue reading

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Police To Be Banned From Having Sex While On Duty

Hurray, finally a sex law designed to target the police! The police are to be banned from having sex while on duty, reports the Daily Mail. The question we must ask ourselves is: Will this include stopping police officers in … Continue reading

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Police Hypocrites Commit Horrific Sexual Abuse Against Child

An absolutely shocking case of the American equivalent of the ‘paedophile unit’ sexually abusing an underage boy. A Manassas City teenager accused of “sexting” a video to his girlfriend is now facing a search warrant in which Manassas City police … Continue reading

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The Spectator: A very British witch hunt

Excellent article in the spectator, well worth giving it a read: A very British witch hunt – wild, furious and three decades late

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The Persecution Manual

Inquistion21 reveals a very interesting new piece of research: ‘The Persecution Manual’ is the title being given to the procedures being used by Social Services in certain countries, in particular Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the other English-speaking countries. … Continue reading

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Paediatricians are now officially paedophiles afterall

Demonstrating the new heights of insanity that our society is going to it is now officially sanctioned fact that paediatricians are paedophiles: paediatrician is accused of sexual offences against cancer sufferers in his care as young as 11, prosecutors told … Continue reading

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