Teacher convicted for sniffing & tickling childrens feet

A teacher has been convicted for sniffing & tickling childrens feet. It now seems that anything and everything counts as sexual assault of a child.

A primary school teacher who sniffed and tickled children’s feet to get a kick walked free from court with a suspended sentence.

Martyne Airey, 51, made children play a game of ‘sniff and tickle’ where they had to take their shoes off and pick a card from a deck.

The court heard that depending on which card was picked he would then smell or tickle their soles, getting a sexual thrill out of sniffing sweaty feet in particular.

Obviously he has to sign the Sex Offender Register for many years – possibly for life – so the ridiculous claim that he ‘walked free’ is bollocks. When will this witch hunt end?

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1 Response to Teacher convicted for sniffing & tickling childrens feet

  1. Goat says:

    Hahahaha one of my favorite things is slightly sweaty and smelly little girl feet. Which I have playfully licked and kissed and maybe pretend bit a toe or two. It’s fun! The kids find it hysterical. Though, to be fair, I would never do it as a teacher lmao did he think no kid would say anything off hand? I bet a kid went home and was like “Mr. Footlover licked our feet it was funny!” and soccer mom flipped a shit. So sad his life will be ruined for harmless fun.

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