American ‘Reform Sex Offender Laws’ movement makes progress

It seems that the American ‘Reform Sex Offender Laws’ movement are starting to make some progress.

RSOL just concluded a successful and exciting three days at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Annual Meeting. There were more than 300 attorneys from all over the country in attendance. RSOL representative Larry Neely attended nearly all the workshops and networked with attorneys from several states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, and Illinois.

Since RSOL is not widely known in the legal community, this networking is extremely valuable if we hope to build future relationship and be considered as both credible and a relevant organization. Every time Larry spoke to one of the attendees about RSOL, they were both surprised and pleased. “I didn’t know you guys were out there!” and “Your advocacy is sorely needed!” were common reactions. Clearly these folks “get” our issue!

Apparently Eric Holder was also at the event. He is the American Attorney General who recently remarked that  “Too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long, and for no truly good law enforcement reason”

The highlight was the keynote address by Attorney General Eric Holder. Mr. Holder offered kudos to the NACDL for responding to his “clemency challenge” with more than 1000 lawyers volunteering to provide pro bono representation to inmates that have served more time for drug related offenses than required by current sentencing guidelines. Mr. Holder also lamented that the Criminal Justice Act passed back in 1964, yet millions of Americans remain without access to affordable legal services, in particular the detrimental effect those sequestration budget cuts have had on indigent defense. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has requested $24 million in new funding for “indigent defense initiatives.” The administration’s priorities for the remainder of the Obama presidency are:

· Passage of the “Smart on Crime Initiative;”
· Moving away from strict sentencing practices;
· Focus on prison diversion; and
· The Clemency Project of 2014.

Mr. Holder’s remarks were well received by the attendees. In fact, he received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech.

Time to say enough is enough: Let’s end the anti-drugs, anti-paedophile mass incarceration experiment.

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14 Responses to American ‘Reform Sex Offender Laws’ movement makes progress

  1. Norman says:

    I’m confident that rationality will win out in the end in these matters, though not before the current panics claim many more victims.

    Just look at the crazy shit people used to believe and do. Burning “witches”, stigmatizing gays, executing people for minor offences, torture, slavery and much more. At the time people were convinced that these were the right things to do. Eventually, reason won out and we stopped doing them and nowadays we can’t understand how people could have ever been so stupid as to think these things were OK.

    Future generations will no doubt think the same about how sex offenders and drugs users are currently treated.

    Ever read “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Pinker? He talks a lot about how social attitudes can change enormously, sometimes in a very short amount of time.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I haven’t read “The Better Angels of Our Nature” though I think I vaguely heard about it when it came out. Perhaps I shall check it out at some point, if I get the time!

      • Pole Monkey says:

        A few days ago I found an example of a big change in social attitudes towards sex that surprised me quite a bit.

        In the 70s, and 80’s there was a Dutch magazine called “Seventeen” that published nude photo shoots of teenage girls and boys. I found a copy of one from 1982 and looked through it. I was shocked to discover it didn’t contain just nudity but hardcore porn involving under 18’s. Threesomes, lesbians, cum shots etc with girls that were still at school.

        At the time these magazines were legal and could be bought in newsagents and only prudish people objected to them. Now, that position has become the majority and the magazines would be classed as hardcore child porn in the Netherlands and most, if not all, Western countries.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Yep there were other child porn producers like ‘Color Climax’ etc etc. Unfortunately, we now live in a totalitarian society.

      • Norman says:

        The current “child” porn laws are simply too strict. I don’t think that sadistic material like 6 year olds getting raped by their dads should ever be freely available but material showing adolescents enjoying themselves with consensual sex is a whole different category. Harmless material like that used to be freely available and few people complained about it. In a few decades when this pedo hysteria dies down and people start thinking rationally it might become legal again.

      • Cassandra says:

        I have written the white house, called numerous state rep. Ossuce and sent this story to our Senator, Not a.single reply from anyone of.them. Just terrible, a young mans life ruined for being a teen. I even.contacted fox4news, and was told they where not interested. Many cases of teen consensual relations need to be reopened and.charges changed.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Norman, personally, I’m of the view that thoughts should never be criminalised and for good reasons. If you think that possessing images of 6 year olds being raped should be illegal then by extension surely images of 6 year olds being blown up in Iraq should be illegal?

        Of course, whenever freedom of expression is criminalised, the government can get up to all kinds of naughty tricks (like claiming that 6 year olds are never blown up in Iraq). The state is a dangerous predator; its power must be minimised.

      • holocaust21 says:

        Cassandra, when debating with your enemies it does seem like its a waste of time privately talking to them. Debates must be held in public as the purpose is to influence others – your enemies (the state, the media, the police) will never be persuaded until they are forced! Unfortunately our PC society want to prohibit free speech as much as possible, if you write comments on most mainstream media publications they just delete them. The only media outlet I know that really allows free speech is I’m finding Twitter to be quite good too, after a dodgy start with them suspending my account for no reason. Also men’s rights websites are more receptive to hearing about some of these injustices (though they sometimes seem to want to copy the feminist ‘sexual abuse industry’ narrative).

        In the end though, I think it’s trying to influence and recruit enough like-minded people to the cause that we can start to put our foot down by marching outside NSPCC offices with banners saying “Child Protection = Child Abuse”!

        Twitter is now my preferred method for trying to ‘spread the word’ at the moment though. It makes it really easy to send angry messages to lots of child protection ‘charities’ etc. Even the UN!

      • Cassandra says:

        Thank you

  2. Cassandra says:

    My family recently met a young man earlier this year, and learned about his situation. When he was 19 he dated a girl, and her father found out, and pressed charges. He was put in jail for 2 years and has to register as a sex offender. 7 years later these same two people had a child together. A year ago he was arrested the charge failure to register, when he had registered, and his registration card was destroyed by someone else (an officer) and spent 8 months in jail. This year, he was called by an officer and told to come in by 3pm or he would be arrested. He went in by 1pm to show them his recent registration card, And they arrested him on the spot, by the time they took to process him and take his photo it said 3:13pm, they said reason failure to register. The officer told him the bail would most likely be $1500. Well later that night the bail was set at $25,000. In the mean time he sits in jail 10 days so far, because they said that the DA has not received the files yet, and that until then nothing can be done. He had recently gotten a job, and was so proud to be able to afford his own pair of work shoes. We where happy for him, until this recent arrest happened. I tried for a week to get through to one of our State Representatives, but they failed to return my calls nor call when they said they would. I have written a letter to the White house and our State Senator, in hopes of someone being able to help this guy. This is not alright. I believe all of this has nothing to do about justice at all. Yes, I am aware there are some violent and dangers people out there and real sex offenders, but they really need to stop lumping up Teen Consensual Sex with actual sex offenders. I say it is about money making, since his arrest we have learned that in order for an inmate to make a phone call a minimum of $25 deposit needs to be made, and they keep $4.95 off the top as a fee for Collect calls. In order for you to visit it is a $5 parking fee. In order for you to make a commissary deposit for any inmate they keep $5.95 as a fee for the deposit each time. Before this recent arrest, I had discovered deregistration information, however the steps are $15 fee to file for FBI file on themselves, and then file $50 and send the documents to the state capital, and the final step is to meet before the Original judge who sentenced them in the first place to decide, if they can even find or get or even afford a lawyer to help with that. For these types of cases, I think it is all just about money making and not justice. What is going on in America.

    • holocaust21 says:

      An excellent example of the ridiculous contradictions and brutality of the witch hunt. America, ‘land of the free’ *ONLY* 2.3 MILLION behind bars!

      One thing I would say though is that it is questionable whether there is any such thing as an ‘actual sex offender’. Whilst there may be an argument that forcible rape falls into the category of ‘actual sex offender’ there is a better argument, in my view, that forcible rape falls into the category of violent assault. Thus the idea of a ‘sexual offence’ can be thrown into the dustbins of history as part of a puritanical anti-sex ‘radical feminist’ past.

  3. I would not put much hope in to Holder. He is mainly interested in putting more “racist” Whites in prisons and defend violent black criminals and rioters, like in Ferguson.

    Those who found old formerly legal child porn, burn it instantly, you committed a terrible crime by possessing and even looking at it. I am serious. And you created great damage to the girls depicted there, according to the voodoo theory

    • holocaust21 says:

      I’m not so sure about everyone in Ferguson being ‘violent black criminals and rioters’. It is expected that 1 in 3 black men in the ‘land of the free’ will go to prison during their lifetime. Blacks are far more likely to go to prison than whites.

      I believe American crime rates are generally worse than other countries of similar development (e.g. Europe). This is likely a consequence of high levels of inequality which is a situation that is enforced via mass incarceration. So I can’t see how 1 in 3 blacks can be monstrous criminals when they wouldn’t be in other countries. Besides, Africa is a genetically diverse continent, there is no one type of black!

      I know there’s an element of political correctness such as outlawing racist speech. However, it has always seemed to me that is just an example of pretending the problem has gone away when it hasn’t. Black men practically live in prisons yet the media claim American blacks are now equal to whites. Thus surely the rioting in Ferguson is a consequence of the frustration of black people getting such a raw deal in American society?

    • holocaust21 says:

      Kind of relevant to what you were saying I found this article:

      If true, it suggests to me that this won’t be a ‘put white people away, let dangerous black criminals out’ moment but genuine broad reform where libertarians and black civil rights activists come together. I think it would be very hard for Eric Holder to fiddle the justice system to put more white people away than black people. The only way for him to stop putting black people away is to just slash sentences which will affect white people too.

      The only area where he might be able to increase white representation in the prison system would be if he lowers sentences for drugs and other crimes but continues to escalate sentences for sex offenders. Unlike for other crimes sex offenders tend to be across the whole socio economic spectrum…

      But we can only hope that sense will prevail… In my view, it will depend mainly on the success of ‘reform sex offender laws’ movement in getting their message out.

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