Proof: Asking a woman out on a date really is sexual harrassment

If ever there was proof that feminism is a movement that criminalises men for having a simple relationship, this yahoo answers Q&A proves it. And to further prove that the answer is not just from a lone nutter – the woman who asked the question gave it best answer status! [UPDATE: She even filed a report with the police! As now shown]


Today we are starting to see the rollout of sexual harrassment laws throughout the EU and the world. For example Belgium recently passed a law criminalising sexist speech and France passed a sexual harrassment law that hands out THREE YEARS in prison for ‘offensive speech’.

What all this means is that asking a woman out on a date will now trigger years behind bars. Inevitably the sentences will gradually rise until they reach many decades in prison like for other absurd crimes – such as talking to children.

Male sexuality is now becoming 100% illegal across the world. Any man who claims that ‘only sexual deviants’ will go to prison are talking pure nonce-sense. All men are now sexual deviants. Period.


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6 Responses to Proof: Asking a woman out on a date really is sexual harrassment

  1. thedude says:

    Crazy bitches. This will then be followed by the cries of “Where did all the good men go?” in ten years once they’ve lost their looks and no man – “ugly” or otherwise – ever so much as looks in their general direction.
    Let them enjoy the many cats that will be their only company in years to come. 🙂

  2. Opus says:

    One would have to say that Qwerty was entirely delusional, yet hers is said to be the best answer – so it is not just her. What level of misandry is existent where a man just speaking to a woman is seen as matter worth tying up police time and resources. On the one hand women claim to be strong and independent and not in need of a chaperone, fit to take over as Captain’s of Industry and Royal Navy Frigates and on the other seem incapable of a polite ‘No’ without descending into a fit of the vapours. Qwerty’s level of entitlement apart from revealing a lack of human empathy reveals an entitlement up in the Marie Antoinette league. What she does not say of course is that she does want men, men who look like Brad Pitt that is, or men with the charm of George Clooney or even the money of George Soros to ask her out and to ask her out because they do find her sexually attractive. Indeed if they did not find her sexually attractive when they took her out she would claim they were asking her out under false pretences. Did our parents generation show such helplessness or childlike inability to cope with the adult world? I think not. The world did not advance to six billion humans by following a-sexual feminist guidelines but if it had done so those goodies that women so love and which men invent would not be available either.

    A man can thus fail to please a woman in three ways:
    1. He fails to ask her out
    2. He asks her out
    3. She imagines that he is showing an interest.

    Whatever he does is thus going to be wrong, unless she decides otherwise. Under such impossible constraints men are going to withdraw from any interaction with females (as is indeed beginning to happen (MgTow, Homosexuality, Transvestism) or else throw caution to the winds (the rise of the P.U.A. and other pump and dump players).

    Women would do well to realise that rejection is painful and that men do not tend to ask women out unless they have been given some unspoken encouragement. Kate (who is barely literate) you will notice has merely been asked and presumably because she encouraged a man she now dismisses as ugly, as if he was a leper or an untouchable. How similar is her attitude to those people who act on ‘racist’ motivation; would she dared to have written that she rejected his offer because he was black and that the police should then do something about it – surely not. That such an event needs a Yahoo question suggests to me that what Kate is really doing is trolling for compliments. Well Kate, you look pretty ordinary in your photo and it is a certainty that your looks can only get worse as you age. Telling this unnamed man never to speak to her again is of course an encouragement to him to do just that. She is, as Shakespeare would say, protesting too much. She is thus, a prick-tease. Sadly the White-Knights who inhabit the police force would probably be only too happy to come to her rescue if he did persist.

    Qwerty is proof that women as a sex tend towards narcissism (philosophically Solipsism). She might do well to ponder what will happen if too many women too often reject too many men. As they used to say, she may be right, but she is more likely to be left. Let us hope there are enough cats to go round.

    How strange that women now seem to want to live in a world where they wear metaphorical burkhas and hijabs and where a strict separation of the sexes is enforced.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    Well, I totally agree with everything You, Opus and The Dude have said here, so I cannot really add any further comments, however it appears that many others also share our sentiments…

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      BTW: that question which semi-literate user ‘Kate’ posted was removed by Yahoo’s moderators. (No idea why), but can imagine the kinds of follow-up answers they BOTH would have received, if the comments found from the above link are any indication – the word ‘viral’ certainly springs to mind. Entitled, moronic floozies…

      Oh yes, one more thing: note the same snapshot as the one seen at the top of this post (of the now deleted Q & A), posted on the ‘Funnyjunk’s page has an extra reply from Kate, which wasn’t present at the time this post was made, thus is not seen on the snapshot above…

      I’m now SURE the word ‘viral’ would have to be used to explain why the question is no longer available on Yahoo Answers. 😀

      • holocaust21 says:

        Thanks Alan I’ve updated the article to show the full thing and expose that evil bitch for the vile human being she is (reporting him to the police!! WTF).

        Good to hear other people hate her and want to dox her IP. Would be great if in the future we could have a “feminist unit” that would bash down feminists doors at 6am for anti-male comments they leave on the internet. Maybe they could pass laws so that they get 10 years in prison PER anti-male comment. Just like some of the USA child porn laws feminists passed. That’d be a proper backlash 🙂

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    Thanks Alan I’ve updated the article to show the full thing and expose that evil bitch for the vile human being she is (reporting him to the police!! WTF).

    LOL! As both Opus and I pointed out: ‘Kate’ is barely literate so she filled a report with the police… (Moronic floozy – I can just imagine trying to have a conversation with it). I just wonder what happened to the ‘creepy’ man she ‘filled’ a report with the police about this encounter…

    Your suggestion about the ‘feminist unit’ and the related penalties is no less ridiculous, in fact it is probably much fairer than what they’re already legally doing to many thousands of good men (and their families) on a daily basis: Those who they are REALLY raping, with their false accusations and ridiculous ‘sexual offences’ definitions and legislation over what amounts to thought crime, who in most instances (such as the one discussed in this post), haven’t raped or even harmed anyone at all.

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