Media start criticising sex offender witch hunt

I’ve started to see a few articles appearing in the mainstream media recently criticising the lynching of men as subhuman sex offenders.

Independent (UK newspaper) on how Cliff Richard has been treated (the most recent Operation It Could Be Yewtree victim, except the police claim it’s not part of Yewtree. Yeah right…)

Series of articles on the problems with American Sex Offender Laws by Slate (US magazine).

10 Investigates discusses how police manufacture sex crimes by grooming innocent men:

Is there starting to be a sea change? We can only hope… Still many of these articles are awfully politically correct – unlike what most of us know to be true here – which is that there is nothing wrong with a 40 year old man having a relationship with a 14 year old girl as that is normal male sexuality. It is feminists who are to blame for lobbying parliament to raise the age of consent in every country of the world.

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6 Responses to Media start criticising sex offender witch hunt

  1. Opus says:

    The Captain of England’s Football team has been dating an underage girl – just thirteen years of age. I must make clear that of course I do not mean the present captain but THE captain, the first one. He was Cuthbert John Ottaway and captained England in their first match ever match, against Scotland in 1872. Ottaway was a brilliant sportsman and amongst other things played cricket for England. At the age of twenty-two he toured North America with an English cricket team and there met (and obviously fell for) a thirteen year old girl (my source is Wiki). They must have fallen for each other as five years later they married. No telephone or E-Mail in those days. Perhaps it is suspected that Ottaway came from a bad background: that is not the case as he was educated at Eton and Oxford and at the time of his very premature death in 1878 practised as a member of the English Bar. It is of course essential now that the F.A. erase Ottaway from their records and the Bar can do likewise.

    This of course was before the 1885 Act but is that an excuse?

    As a measure of the ease with which the public are manipulated I can only recommend looking at the entry for Pop Gear (1965) on IMDB., and in particular its Message Board. The movie which is rather charming merely has Jim Saville introducing various bands then popular and a few dancers. Look at the comments; entirely flattering to Saville, that is until comments from the last year or so. Despite what people now like to say about how much they disliked Saville it is clear from the Message Board that that was not the case.

    Clearly whatever happens Cliff Richard’s reputation must be irrecoverably damaged, his income depleted and his privacy (which he has always protected) invaded much as if a croup of Gypsies invaded his home. One has to conclude that either just about every popular entertainer of the last fifty years is (in the jargon) a pervert, or in the alternative that their behaviour was entirely normal.

    Some latter day British Prime Minister is of course going to have to make an apology for this witch-hunt.

    • holocaust21 says:

      I believe Barack Obama senior was also a paedophile. Marrying Kezia Aoko when she was 14, I believe (,_Sr. ). As such it makes Obama a hypocrite as he presides over one of the nastiest and most vindictive police states that the world has ever seen with ‘the paedophile’ being its primary scapegoat.

      But yes, good find! We should create a massive list of famous paedophiles to prove once and for all that all paedophilia is so prevalent that it is normal male sexuality.

      Or even better we could show that every single politician is either a paedophile themselves or has a paedophile ancestor 😀

  2. thedude says:

    When even the faggoty ass mainstream media are waking up and smelling the witch-hunt, you know it must be in the realm of the utterly insane by now. Apparently they’ve been investigating these “allegations” (i.e, baseless evidence-free lies) against Cliff. Which is why they’ve done fuck all except stage a public invasion of his privacy in an obvious attempt to find anything they can errroneously label “child porn” (i.e a photo of a 17 year old smiling maybe) on his computer.
    These staggeringly corrupt, sick fucks want publically stringing up.

  3. thedude says:

    Sorry, that should have been “investigating these allegations for a year”. In other words, they have FUCK ALL and are trawling for their next celebrity victim.

    • holocaust21 says:

      You make an interesting point about them doing fuck all in “investigations”. It seems to me that the whole point of an “investigation” is so that the police can keep their victim in a state of terror for 1 or 2 years until they either drop the charges or send them down for life. The police aren’t really “investigating” anything, there’s no reason for an “investigation” to take more than a few days.

      This is state orchestrated terrorism at its finest.

      • thedude says:

        Their “investigations” amount to them trawling social media sites looking for fantastists, liars, gold-diggers and psychopaths to generate to come up with utterly unprovable “allegations”. If they manage to get more than a couple of those loonies, this is then classed as a “preponderance of evidence” worthy of conviction.
        Sick, deranged, evil and corrupt beyond description.

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