Police And Media Attempt to Murder Child – Ashya King

The parents of a child named Ashya King – who is suffering from a brain tumour – recently fled with him to Spain to receive more appropriate treatment because the NHS medical care he was going to receive could well result in his death. In a shocking indictment on the state of both our media and our police state the police have attempted to murder the child by forcing him to undergo inappropriate medical treatment. The media and police, however, have made every attempt to hide this reality and pretend that his parents are infact abusing him and that he must be ‘saved’ by the ‘child “protective”‘/’feminist’/’paedophile’ (whatever you want to call it) police state.

Just take a look at this video posted by his father:

These parents were clearly trying to provide the best medical care for their son. The crazy loonies in the NHS, however, only wanted him to undergo THEIR medical treatment which was substandard and when the quality of the NHS treatment was questioned they threatened the parents with an ’emergency protection order’. This would mean their son would be on his own, without his parents, in his deepest darkest hour and would probably die in hospital due to his poor substandard medical care.

The media, however, are portraying a totally different story. Take a look at this biased reporting from The Guardian for instance:

Missing five-year-old Ashya King, who was taken by his parents from Southampton general hospital without doctors’ consent, has been traced, along with his parents, in Spain. According to Hampshire Constabulary, the boy, who has a brain tumour, has been found in Spain with his parents, Jehovah’s Witnesses Brett King, 51, and Naghemeh King, 45.

They randomly drop the fact that his parents are “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. This is of course an attempt to insinuate that they are mad religious loonies who don’t want their son to receive appropriate medical treatment. As has been shown above, however, this is a lie.

Further down in the article they repeat the “Jehovah Witness” claim again! They clearly want to bash their lie into everyones heads.

Ashya was removed from the hospital by his mother and father, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, against medical advice. They took him on Thursday afternoon and travelled on a ferry to France some two hours later. Police had said that “time was running out” for the youngster as the battery on his feeding system was due to expire.

The police claims that “time was running out” are clearly supposed to imply that the police are the good guys. However, the police are now the ones who are denying him medical care and making his time “run out” as his parents have now been arrested and he is presumably going to be deported back to Britain to receive substandard NHS medical care. So he may well die and be yet another victim of the child protection cartel. Thus, the police are the bad guys.

Of course, the underlying reason for all of this is due to changes in the law. As James Heartfield, writing for Sp!ked pointed out recently in his article How the Tories ignited the paedophile panic it was indeed the Tories who introduced the idea of “children’s rights” being paramount in the legal system with the 1989 Children Act. However, this was not what most of us would recognise as children’s rights because it was a warped version of children’s rights where the State knew what the child’s interests were as children were deemed “too immature” to know what they wanted. Thus, it would in the decades that followed allow the State to kidnap, snatch, abuse, incarcerate, torture and even murder children against both their own and their parents will. And this is exactly what has happened in this case.

[UPDATE] The media have started reporting on the story a bit more truthfully today. However, it remains to be seen as to whether he will receive appropriate medical care and whether his parents will be anally raped in prison. Contrary to what the media might claim the issue with the law still stands. Children can be taken away from their parents under almost any pretext (see the more recent concept of ‘emotional abuse‘) – there is little due process. On the otherhand, let us also not forget that the truth never comes out in ‘sex cases’ such as Rotherham or Jeremy Forrest. If the media were Pinocchio, their nose would stretch to the end of the universe…

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