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Feminists Deliberately Changed The Law to Jail CHILDREN for Rape

I recently came across this shocking piece of legislation that was passed back in 1993 in the United Kingdom (other countries have enacted similar changes): Abolition of presumption of sexual incapacity The presumption of criminal law that a boy under … Continue reading

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The Paedophile Hunter Airing on Channel 4

Channel 4 are preparing to screen a sickening and disgusting documentary they are calling The Paedophile Hunter. The documentary follows around an extremely dangerous and predatory individual by the name of Stinson Hunter. This is a man who poses as … Continue reading

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How Radical Feminists Infiltrated The Howard League for Penal Reform

Supposedly The Howard League for Penal Reform are about making prison sentences less barbaric and getting people out of prison. However, shockingly, that is not the case. The Howard League for Penal Reform is now run by radical feminist Frances … Continue reading

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