How Radical Feminists Infiltrated The Howard League for Penal Reform

Supposedly The Howard League for Penal Reform are about making prison sentences less barbaric and getting people out of prison. However, shockingly, that is not the case. The Howard League for Penal Reform is now run by radical feminist Frances Crook. I was looking over her twitter feed recently and couldn’t believe the kind of man-hating vitriol she was spouting. Here are some examples:

If anyone is going to claim “feminism is about equality” this should prove to them that this is a lie. Frances Crook clearly believes that women are superior to men, that women commit less crimes and that women should not receive equal treatment to men in prison. This is to the point that she actually believes women should never go to prison while men should. She has long held this view as you can see in her article on closing down women’s prisons that she wrote all the way back in 2006. Shocking.

Now Frances gets into the #1 feminist issue – sexual offences – and she blames men for being responsible for the Rotherham sexual ‘abuse’ (sic) scandal:

This is a woman who is (supposedly) running a prison reform charity. Yet she wants to see men piled up in prison for sexual offences. Not only that but she blames men for it simply because they are men. Her comments are especially shocking given that – as I’ve revealed in my previous article on the Rotherham ‘abuse’ (sic) inquiry – the Rotherham case was, infact, mostly consensual sex. However, Frances Crook, as a radical feminist, does not like consensual sex when ‘committed’ by men.

She even has the nerve to jump on the horrendously unjust Ashya King case and suggest that child protection is still OK and they should do more of it:

The ideology expressed above in its honest, unmoderated form on Frances Crook’s twitter feed can be evidently seen on The Howard League for Penal Reform’s own website with campaigns for getting women out of prison yet there are no campaigns to get men out of prison.

Keen observers will of course be aware that all the “human rights” organisations from Amnesty International to Liberty are now infested with feminism. What I am not so clear on is exactly at what point they started to get infested or if some (or all?) of them were always radically feminist.

If you know more about the history of feminism in The Howard League for Penal Reform or any other “human rights” organisation then please do drop a comment below.

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4 Responses to How Radical Feminists Infiltrated The Howard League for Penal Reform

  1. Opus says:

    As we have been saying for some time now feminism is not about equality (whatever the meirts of that concept) but about female privilege.

    It is not only the above institution that has been infested with Feminazis (who masquerade as victims); The Home Office and The CPS not to mention certain Barristers chambers are hotbeds of Misandry (as can be seen from Savillegate). Sadly it is not illegal to Tweet as above. Change the word ‘men’ to ‘black’ in the 2nd, 4th and 5th of the Tweets and you will see what I mean.

  2. Opus says:

    Perhaps Ms Crook thinks that she represents The Howard League for Penis Reform.

  3. Opus says:

    One of the things I have noticed about white-collar women is that frequently they lose track of what their responsibilities are and who they are supposed to be representing as they pursue their own private agenda – as if that is what they are being paid for. One might have thought that a person in charge of an organisation advocating penal reform would have noticed that as anyone might be a prisoner and that as half the population are male that that half would constitute half of the people you might need to assist; or such a person might have noticed that men are grossly outnumbered in prison – as laws are misandrist – and that special thought needed to be applied in considering how to improve the lives of those so incarcerated – but no, Ms Crook has entirely forgotten her main constituents as she indulges on Twitter – the fact that it is her own Twitter account is immaterial – and for all the world to see that she has a loathing and detestation of she is supposed to be helping.

    I presume the HLPF holds charitable status. The Commissioners should be looking into this and the governors of the charity ought to remove the woman from her post as she is clearly entirely inadequate for her position.

  4. thedude says:

    What an utterly disgusting excuse for a human being. Loathsome to look at and listen to. Dried up old cunt.

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