The Paedophile Hunter – Stinson Hunter and Dan Reed: Bias, Lies, and Intimidation

As I previously warned about prior to its showing the Paedophile Hunter, directed by Dan Reed and “starring” convicted criminal Stinson Hunter (who burnt down a school, assaulted someone and drove a man to suicide) has finally aired on Channel 4 television.

The amount of blatant bias in this “documentary” is even more extreme than I anticipated. There seemed to be several individuals shown to provide supposed balance but the only balance they provided was that maybe it should be the police not vigilantes hounding down and killing paedophiles. A sign of the times you might think? Surely everyone hates paedophiles? Well, no, the individuals provided to demonstrate supposed “balance” are infact individuals who are hardcore paedofinder generals with a long track record of burning alleged paedophiles at the stake. These are not your average citizens. These are people with blood on their hands. Don’t believe me? Let’s go over each one in turn:

  • Jim Gamble is quite literally Britain’s most famous Paedofinder General of the last decade. This is the man who lead Operation Ore – the investigation into alleged child pornography which resulted in over 32 suicides and saw thousands of men raided and convicted of thought crimes offences that in many cases they had not even committed (due to the only evidence presented being fraudulently used credit card details).
  • Hugh Davies OBE QC is a Barrister who has specialised in prosecuting men for sexual offences. He never defends men he only puts them away. He has been a legal advisor to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Unit). Most recently he is involved in the global movement by increasingly totalitarian western (and other) governments to crack down on international travel. This is a man with no concept of human rights and with no morals (despite what he may claim). See his recent talk to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) on stopping international travel:
  • Jonathan Taylor, Metropolitan Police. Well, umm… Yes his title says it all. Totally one-sided police thug.

The only part of the documentary with some resemblance of sanity was its interview with Rachel, the ex partner of Michael Parkes who committed suicide as a direct result of Stinson’s entrapment. She mentioned how her child will now grow up without a father. A very valid point.

In the documentary Stinson tries to pretend that he didn’t intend for Michael to kill himself. But look at the nasty vitriol Stinson spouts at Rachel on his twitter feed:

He complains about his picture being put in the paper risking his family!? The hypocritical nerve! He practically murdered a man and routinely destroys the lives of men and their families by uploading videos of them online. Both Stinson Hunter and director Dan Reed’s arrogance is so extreme that they even showed videos of the incident with Michael Parkes that lead to his death in the documentary.

No Stinson. She has a right to anonymity. You do not. You have committed in the least legalised man slaughter – if not murder – as such you deserve everything you get and more.

Absolutely sickening. He effectively murdered her ex and now he is going to publically humiliate her? If this is what they call “victims rights” then I’m a monkey’s uncle. It seems that “victims rights” only extends to “the right kind” of victims. That is, imaginary 13 year old girls.

Bottom line: Feel free to tell director Dan Reed himself (@danreed1000 on twitter) that his documentary is a lot of biased crap. If he was serious about doing an impartial documentary then there are plenty of more sensible people for him to have asked to provide real balance.

And if you really want to see this documentary (it is quite sickening) here it is:

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2 Responses to The Paedophile Hunter – Stinson Hunter and Dan Reed: Bias, Lies, and Intimidation

  1. thedude says:

    The hypocrisy of that evil, sociopathic cretin really is astounding.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yes you’re not wrong there Dude…

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