Mark Williams Thomas – The Unconvicted Paedophile

Some of you may have heard of a certain character named Mark Williams Thomas. He is a leading paedofinder general who claims credit for exposing Jimmy Savile as an alleged “paedophile” (however, see my previous article on why Jimmy Savile is likely to be innocent).

What few may be aware of, however, is that Mark Williams Thomas is infact an unconvicted paedophile. He blatantly viewed images of horrific child abuse on live TV infront of millions of viewers and no one noticed. You can see him viewing images of horrific child abuse in the video below – note this video is safe to view as it shows him viewing the images but does not show the images themselves.

This blatant hypocracy is shocking. One of my readers asked a while ago why I don’t use the term paedocrite on this site. Well, now seems an appropriate time: Mark Williams Thomas is a Paedophile + Hypocrite = Paedocrite.

The most shocking part of all of this is that this is selective application of the law. Because of his “paedofinder general” status the police are refusing to prosecute him for viewing horrific images of child abuse.

Remember: Every image of a child being abused is that child being abused all over again.

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