NSPCC Moves to Criminalise Talking to Children

The NSPCC has recently started a campaign to criminalise talking to children about sex. So much for sex education then. It is planned to soon be an offence to mention the word “sex” infront of children at all. This will of course be punishable by years of (real) anal rape and beatings in prison. Look at their absurd poster for their despicable petition:


Apparently the fact that there is a nonsense law regarding salmon justifies creating another nonsense law regarding children. The difference is that the nonsense law regarding salmon is likely never enforced and even if it is the sentence is most likely nominal. However, the penalty for mentioning sex infront of a child will be many many years imprisonment and this will likely affect tens of thousands of men. It will also destroy the child’s life as well since it is likely to be their father who is jailed and the child would then be kidnapped and sent to an NSPCC “care home” where they would then be subjected to real child rape.

So now the question is: What does NSPCC really stand for? It clearly does NOT stand for ‘National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’! Some sensible suggestions have been:

  • National Society For Politically Correct Cunts
  • National Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Liars (NSPCL)

However I think the closest match to what they *really* do is this:

  • National Slaughter Of Parents, Children and Community

The fact is if we don’t stop these NSPCC predators then they really will see every last person in the country turned into a convicted sex offender and slaughtered in a feminazi concentration camp.

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1 Response to NSPCC Moves to Criminalise Talking to Children

  1. mr p says:

    A mate told me his son called him into the bathroom,pulled his pants down and said,look dad my first pubic hair! should his dad be carted off for explaining puberty,what about all those who communicate with and sent sexual complements to those on youtube,if you try to round them up,remembering your talking anyone under 18 here,it’ll be like grand central station!

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