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Teacher Recruitment Falling for Third Straight Year – And Guess Why?

Apparently teacher recruitment is falling. However, it is not only falling short of required numbers but the government are actually recruiting fewer and fewer teachers despite a rising population. The coalition is serially failing to match its own teacher recruitment … Continue reading

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Paedophile Police State Tightens Its Grip

This week our ‘paedophile police state’ is tightening its grip yet further. Rule of law is being rapidly abolished. It has been announced that six men, not convicted of any crime, have had an Orwellian order placed upon them to … Continue reading

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Pro Age of Consent Arguments & Their Refutations

Here I’ve put together a list of all the pro age of consent arguments that puritanical feminists bandy around. I’ve also gone through each one and demonstrated why it is false. Over time I’d like to improve the strength of … Continue reading

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Lena Dunham: A Bizarre Discrediting of FemiNazi Ideology

You may have heard that Lena Dunham has recently been vilified in the press for being a “child sexual predator” at the age of just 7. This is based on some passages she wrote in her recently released book Not … Continue reading

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