Paedophile Police State Tightens Its Grip

This week our ‘paedophile police state’ is tightening its grip yet further. Rule of law is being rapidly abolished. It has been announced that six men, not convicted of any crime, have had an Orwellian order placed upon them to prevent them coming into contact with girls. Their names have been plastered all over the media – and their faces plastered over twitter – for being subhuman child lovers. Not only this, but the supposed girl who they may have been having consensual sex with has also been incarcerated without trial in conveniently named ‘secure accommodation’ for her ‘own protection’.

This was primarily the fault of two Paedo Finder Generals – the despicable Justice Joseph Keehan – see his photo here:


And the despicable Director of the Police State People at Birmingham City Council, Peter Hay – see his photo also:


These are men who have been responsible for literally tearing away any rule of law that is left in this country.

But, that is not all. It has also been announced by the despicable Home Secretary Theresa May that sending a single sexual message to a child is to be punished with years of violent rape & beatings in prison. This is a direct consequence of the NSPCC campaigning that I reported on earlier.

In response to the NSPCC campaign, all I have for them is this message (taken from the template of their recent campaign but with the contents modified):


The child in the image is an abused & battered child taken from one of their very own adverts. So it is a child abuse image that the NSPCC have distributed. The fact that the NSPCC are happy to distribute images of children being abused but believe that nude images or sending sexual messages to a child should be punished by decades behind bars shows that their true agenda has nothing to do with ‘protecting children’.

We are now in the position that, the only way for change to occur, is for the amount of hatred towards the State to exceed the State’s capacity to jail political dissidents.

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