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The Guardian Is Definitely No Longer A Broadsheet

The Guardian has in recent years been becoming a worryingly extremist newspaper. In a recent turn for the worse The Guardian now published an article by a very extreme feminist by the name of Jess Zimmerman. She is actually so … Continue reading

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Stinson Hunter Bullies A Child And Goes Back To His Criminal Roots

As I’ve reported on in two previous articles here and here – Stinson Hunter is a violent criminal who has been essentially given police officer status by our feminist elite. In shocking new revelations Stinson Hunter has been found to … Continue reading

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A letter to… the girl who accused me of rape when I was 15

In a highly unusual move by The Guardian (they usually write feminazi crap) they recently published an article written by a boy who was accused of rape when he was 15. I’m not going to quote it here because I … Continue reading

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Defining Consensual Sex as Rape via ‘Yes’ Means ‘No’ Compliance Logic

An activist who tweets as Kamil Beylant recently pointed me to an article suggesting that the age of consent should remain and be set at the school leaving age because of issues of ‘compliance’. What does the author mean by … Continue reading

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