A letter to… the girl who accused me of rape when I was 15

In a highly unusual move by The Guardian (they usually write feminazi crap) they recently published an article written by a boy who was accused of rape when he was 15. I’m not going to quote it here because I think it’s best to read it from start to finish. It is a very powerful piece – so powerful that I think the term ‘survivor’ should apply to this boy. If he had been convicted then he would have been handed down a living death sentence as a subhuman ‘sex offender’. This is in contrast to so-called ‘rape victims’ who get called ‘survivors’ and yet endure nothing anywhere near as bad. It’s also worth bearing in mind that his experience has actually ruined his life as, unlike for rape victims, he knows that another woman could accuse him and the next time he won’t be so ‘lucky’.

In other news… The Guardian then went back to its old feminazi roots and published an article advocating for Britain’s pathetic 109 prosecutions for false rape allegations to be reduced to 0 allowing liars – like the girl in the article above – to get off with impunity. Our only consolation is that yet again The Guardian is embarrassed by its readership as top comment goes to…


(See the previous embarrassment in their article on falling teacher recruitment that I reported on earlier)

Going back to the 15 yr old boy though – it’s worth remembering that it was feminists who changed the law so that children could be convicted of rape.

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