The Guardian Is Definitely No Longer A Broadsheet

The Guardian has in recent years been becoming a worryingly extremist newspaper. In a recent turn for the worse The Guardian now published an article by a very extreme feminist by the name of Jess Zimmerman. She is actually so extreme that she actually calls herself a misandrist, see screencap of her twitter profile:


Not only that but the banner on her twitter profile features a sign saying “Killman”:


So what of her article? You can read it here but it is basically nothing more than a rant against men – collectively blaming men for her imagined predicament of women – and brushing aside real men’s rights issues (such as involuntary celibacy). The fact that The Guardian publish such a rant is a sign of what political correctness and The Guardian (long known for practically defining political correctness) has become. Political correctness no longer even tries to appear ‘moderate’ or ‘reasonable’ it is literally the language and ideology of lunancy.

Time to call The Guardian what it really is – a Feminist Tabloid.

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7 Responses to The Guardian Is Definitely No Longer A Broadsheet

  1. patrick says:

    As someone that believes in free speech,The Guardian has the right to allow this bigoted misandrist,but at the same time,they should allow alternative views…such as those that regard the
    age-of-consent to high,Or would like to abolish it altogether! Or people who have positive stories regarding their,early sexual experiences! though its highly unlikely they’ll allow anything of the sort.

    As for that stupid woman: ” Men are reclining on sofas and cushions,made by women” Oh please
    enough already!

  2. thedude says:

    Absolutely disgusting. God, I can’t wait for the backlash. It’s not going to be pretty, you psychotic cunts.

  3. thedude says:

    So Anonymous are a bunch of paedohysterics who hate normal men and normal male sexuality too are they? Well that explains a lot… such as their deafening silence over the insane man-hating witch-hunt in western society. In other words, they’re a bunch of fucking hot air and are part of the problem, not the solution.

    • holocaust21 says:

      Ah, bit off-topic for anyone who wasn’t paying attention but I think you’ve been watching my twitter feed as certain people from ‘Anonymous’ have been trolling me. Anonymous have for sometime had a thing about hax0ring child porn sites, and what they perceive as pro-paedophile web sites and pushing them off the internet.

      Of course, what ‘Anonymous’ really are is a peculiar ‘identity politics’ movement with… No identity! Of course that’s not entirely true as ‘Anonymous’ essentially is their identity. However, because it is a rather vague term they are somewhat varied in who joins their movement. I’m convinced there was an anonymous activist who got jailed for being in possession of child porn, but I think the article is now firmly buried at the bottom of google’s search index under all the other people with child porn convictions! Alas, I can’t find it 😦

      Overall, though, I view them as a bunch of silly script kiddies playing around with Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks (DDOS). They are far from intelligent or intellectual and not likely to start a new philosophical revolution on how society should function.

      • thedude says:

        True. Pity though – I haven’t really been paying attention but I thought they did good going after those Westboro Church fanatics. But apparently they’re just as full of shit as the rest of ’em these days…

      • holocaust21 says:

        Ah but you see going after anti-gay preachers is politically correct. Anonymous largely see themselves as a politically correct peoples movement. In a sense, they are just another facet of what many are now describing as ‘Cultural Marxism’.

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