Monthly Roundup: Feminisms frightening progress over the last month

I’ve not posted for a few weeks so I think it’s well worth a post highlighting the key developments over the last month. This also illustrates the destructive pace with which feminism is moving, which is quite frightening:

1. The UK has started to implement North Korean style “Three Generations of Punishment” as schools have been told not to employ staff who merely live with someone convicted of a ‘violent’ or ‘sexual’ offence.

2. The UK’s ugliest, most loathsome FemiNazi AND Paedofinder General, Alison Saunders (officially director of the Crown Persecution Service), has changed CPS guidance to explicitly require men to PROVE their innocence in rape investigations.

3. A man has been jailed for a sickening FOUR YEARS for sexual activity with a Shetland pony. Even more shockingly he was convicted under a bizarre (possibly ancient?) law of ‘outraging public decency’ which apparently carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment (!). This was after it emerged that he could not be convicted under the feminist law – intercourse with an animal – as there was no evidence intercourse happened and ironically that law actually only carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison (feminists primary concern is of course about criminalising consensual sexual activity with women and girls).

4. Gary Glitter has now been jailed for the rest of his life for offences that either never happened or were consensual. Gary has been vilified by the FemiNazi UK media since his conviction for sexual thought crimes way back in 1997. He was then convicted again after travelling to Vietnam and allegedly having sex with child prostitutes. However, his second conviction was likely the result of the now disgraced (and criminal) News of The World hounding him down and setting him up. His third and final conviction that would ultimately end his life was a result of the explosion of the Savile witch hunt which made Gary Glitter the perfect target for predatory police officers.

5. As our prisons get filled with (increasingly elderly) men convicted of consensual sex, sexual thought crimes or other supposedly ‘sexual’ crimes that never happened it has been revealed that British Prisons are becoming increasingly secretive and are refusing journalists access. We can only imagine the horrific abuse these men endure behind bars as our prisons become increasingly overcrowded and violent. This is clearly evidenced by the relentless rise in prison suicides.

In conclusion, the relentless pace of FemiNazi ideology should sicken any self-respecting man and I would say that feminism is now starting to move at the frightening pace of the Nazi rise to power – which ultimately ended in genocide. As such, like the victims of the holocaust, I would argue that those who have been convicted of sexual offences can now definitely call themselves survivors. This is in contrast to these so-called ‘feminist survivors’ who claim that a bum touch has ruined their lives. Utter rubbish, real survivers are the survivers of the Nazi holocaust or the 21st century feminist holocaust.

So in amongst all this feminist bloodshed are there any positive developments? Well a new Barrister joined the fray recently as Barrister David Osborne pointed out quite rightly that men should not be jailed for having sex with drunk women in a provocatively titled article She Was Gagging For It to much outrage from the FemiNazi media. Unfortunately he did claim that blokes should check if a woman is underage which is of course absurd and quite offensive to most sensible people. So he is only a partial anti-feminist. Nonetheless after his original ‘outrageous’ article he then made more ‘outrageous’ comments when he pointed out that Wearing flimsy dresses suggests girls are loose and free.

Another small positive development is that A Voice For Men finally attacked paedohysteria if in only a small way by asking Is Prince Andrew Guilty? in which they pointed out that having sex with someone under 18 isn’t necessarily illegal and thus not wrong.

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2 Responses to Monthly Roundup: Feminisms frightening progress over the last month

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    I think men should apologize for date rape. That’s all I ask. Just stop calling it “false” rape, and stop having sex with random girls. That’s the only thing that bothers me. Some men are the opposite extreme or total rudeness. Rape is impolite.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    You mean the ‘date rape’ that the women decided happened the next morning, when they awaken and sober up and realize the guy isn’t a millionaire nor a dead-ringer for Brad Pitt? Oh yes that date rape…
    Why do men need to apologize for something that never happened and therefore something they never even did?

    Oh of course, I forgot: EVERYTHING a woman says about any man is to be believed. In fact it is illegal to doubt the word of any woman, because it has been scientifically proven (by the word of embittered man-hating feminist researchers), that women are incapable of lying…
    Oh yes and also because it is impossible for a man to prove his innocence – again, thanks to feminist law: an accusation alone is all that’s required to secure a conviction against any man accused by a woman of any sexual offence, or misconduct. No proof or evidence is required from a female accuser, her word alone is mandated to be BELIEVED.

    Yes Matthew, you’re right: I apologize for doubting that ‘date rape’ and ‘impolite men’ really do exist. Now go back to Jezebel or even AVfM where you belong you feminist crawling pathetic excuse for a man…
    So is putting a man in prison for 5 years of daily anal rape and beatings ‘impolite’.
    What a despicable little worm you are, assuming you really are a man and not a female troll…

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