Parents to be Jailed for Allowing Kids To Play 18+ Video Games

If we thought the “child protective”/”paedophile” police state couldn’t get any worse. It just did.

As a result of a combination of the new Cinderella law – which massively expands the scope of what is “neglect” so as to essentially criminalise parenting and the new mandatory reporting laws it is now going to become illegal for parents to allow kids to play 18+ video games.

Criminalising 18+ video games is of course not explicitly illegal but due to the broad wording of the laws I mentioned above it is very much illegal under those laws. The only necessary additional element to initiate prosecutions is a campaign to specifically state that playing 18+ video games is illegal. Now what could be better than a campaign that not only states playing 18+ video games is illegal but also instructs teachers to “snitch” on parents? This would create a climate of terrifying fear in which no parent would let their children play 18+ video games.

Well, exactly that has happened as reported on in the BBC article here. It seems a campaign has been started by an apologist for the NSPCC by the name of Mary Hennessy Jones who’s twitter account appears to be @mhennessyjones and who from what I can tell is also the head teacher of @Peartreeschool who have already blocked me on twitter (!). Please do follow them both and let them both know what you think of their revolting campaign.

[UPDATE] After twitter storming them it seems both Mary Hennessy Jones and Pear Tree School have deleted their twitter accounts! I call that a victory!

[UPDATE 2] Rather relevant to this article and the campaign that this horrible woman is engaging in is this documentary by Russia Today on Britain’s Forced Adoption Industry where children are kidnapped by the State from their parents and against their will – sometimes tortured and even murdered. Only a tiny fraction ever make it back to their real parents but they always suffer terrible nightmares from their ordeal:

The campaign to jail parents who let children watch 18+ video games will only make this situation worse. This shows what NSPCC apologists are really about.

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2 Responses to Parents to be Jailed for Allowing Kids To Play 18+ Video Games

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I tried to watch the video but all I saw was a black screen with the words ‘This video is private’ in the centre. LOL! Another victory perhaps…

    • holocaust21 says:

      Hi Alan, thanks for letting me know about the video. Unfortunately it’s not a victory that it was taken down but a loss for our side. The documentary is about forced adoption by the British State and it’s narrative is that it’s a bad thing. Fortunately I’ve now replaced the link with another version of the video on youtube so you can watch it while it lasts!

      To fill you in on the details as I understand it the UK has obtained an injunction against the video. Not only that but despite the fact that Russia Today is a foreign company they managed to force Russia Today to pull the video worldwide by threatening to seize their assets in their London offices. Also the activist bloke with his son who appears in the video has now had his son taken away. Disturbing indeed.

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