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The Guardian and the Return of the Victorian Lady

Excellent article by Jerry Barnet over at the Sex & Censorship campaign about The Guardian. He shows how illiberal they have now become and how they deliberately fabricate research to suite their twisted radical feminist agenda. It’s a topic I’ve … Continue reading

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When they come for your boy…

Truly terrifying – police abduct 12 year old boy on ‘rape’ charge A devastated mum has told how her 12-year-old son was accused of rape, arrested in his pyjamas and chucked in an adult police cell overnight – only for … Continue reading

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BBC Documentary – Norway: Parents Against The State

Excellent documentary by the BBC (unusally!) on the evils of the Norwegian legalised state kidnapping child protection system: Have to say the most despicable character in that documentary was Kai-Morten Terning who is from Norway’s Orwellianly named “Ministry of Children … Continue reading

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Privacy lawyer defames Savile whilst telling others not to defame

You couldn’t make it up, an apparent anti-speech activist masquerading as a “privacy” lawyer has said that the allegations against Savile are true, whilst telling others not to name “politicians as suspected paedophiles”: Hugh Tomlinson QC, a leading privacy lawyer, … Continue reading

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Why has the guardian declared war on internet freedom?

Excellent article over at Spiked by Brendan O’Neill here on the absurd hypocrisy of the Guardian declaring war on free speech. The Guardian’s faux complaints of “death threats” should be especially laughable given the behaviour of some of its journalists.

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Man jailed for ‘extreme’ pornography: National Crime Agency back to their old tricks

The National Crime Agency – led by Lynne Owens who earns £214,000 a year (putting her well into the top 1% of income earners) – are celebrating over the wrongful jailing of a “former teacher” for possession of “extreme pornographic” … Continue reading

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Judge publically supports murder of those convicted of doing anything sexual

A judge has spared a teenage girl jail for attempted murder of a man previously convicted of a minor sexual offence against her. He was originally given a community sentence for touching her when she was 8 in 2009. The … Continue reading

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