America starts pardoning sex offenders at last

Carlos Manuel Delgado was initially sentenced to life on the sex offender registry and 10 years probation for consensual sex that resulted in the birth of his daughter. He was then sent to prison for an astronomical 25 years for the technicality of violating his probation. After serving 11 years, 2 months and 17 days in prison he has – amazingly – finally been released on a pardon. His daughter has not seen her father since she was 4 thanks to America’s hypocritical “child protection” laws.

His sentence was barbaric – but at least we’re starting to see the beginning of the end of paedophile hysteria and feminism. Of course things need to go far further than a pardon. We need to see all feminist sexual offence laws abolished entirely, and I’m increasingly thinking a gender relations act that would effectively make it illegal to call a man a “rapist”, “paedophile” or “sex offender” might be a necessity. But this is a start that shows both the barbarism of the former policies on male sexuality and the beginning of a new path.

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