Toddler aged three investigated by police for ‘abusing other children’

Here we go. Sanity in the UK is over. A toddler aged three investigated by police for ‘abusing other children’

The toddler was accused of taking part in “sexual activity” with two youngsters aged five and seven.

Durham Police investigated the claim, which was among hundreds of cases of alleged abuse between children in the UK last year.

Bernardos (a fraudulent “child protection” charity) are to be seen jumping in on the action:

Javed Khan, chief executive of Barnardo’s children’s charity, told The Sun on Sunday: “Children abusing other children is deeply worrying.

“They’re getting distorted ideas from images online or, tragically, because they’ve been abused themselves.”

So who is Javed Khan? Does he genuinely believe what he is saying? Well, a quick google reveals a bit about his background. Like the fact that he has been accused of using a group of men armed with automatic weapons to threaten rivals during a land dispute in Pakistan. Wow, this guy is starting to sound like another Stinson Hunter clone.

Well, there’s one slight difference. Javed Khan is at the other end of the socio-economic spectrum. He is paid £150,000 a year (as somewhat obscurely implied in Barnardos 2015 accounts). For all you leftists out there this puts him precisely in the top 1% of income earners. So he is essentially part of the elite. So much for charitable pay then.

As far as I’m concerned Javed Khan is no idiot. He is a money-grabbing piece of shit with possible involvement in illegal violence. Thus, it’s clear he does not believe what he is saying. He is simply lying to further the cause of paedohysteria and get more money for his criminal enterprise oh sorry charity.

What is happening now in Britain with children “abusing one another” is very similar to a case in the US a short while ago when a 5 year old girl gave a 4 year old boy a blowjob and the boy’s father was whinging about how his son is both a victim and a sexual predator at the same time. In contrast to Javed Khan it’s clear that boys father is a complete moron. I am pretty sure his IQ is negative.

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One Response to Toddler aged three investigated by police for ‘abusing other children’

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Just read an excellent post by Frank Adamo – author of Real Child Safety at his Sex Hysteria blog about Hillary Clinton and Child Sex Hysteria. This guy is one of the few who has always been able to see the huge (feminist) elephant in the room, but I think he’s also been one who tends to tip-toe around these issues a bit, because he doesn’t want to risk upsetting feminists, who might perceive him as just another ‘paedo apologist’, or at least a ‘misogynist’… He’s also a school teacher, which might explain why he tends to be and of course, would need to be: very tactful in the way he presents such views. (He’s also BLOODY courageous to even discuss the topic at all, given his position in the (very paedohysterical) community…

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