Let my son come home

Chilling short documentary by Brian Rothery on the pianist who’s son has been kidnapped by Social Services and how the police state tries to crush dissent by imprisoning those who speak out:

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12 Responses to Let my son come home

  1. problem that by English family law judge investigates a mere possibility or probability with some crystal ball given by SS. As Guardian said we will both tell our stories and see whom judge will believe… so logic is could it be that EUGENE might have done that or this or not ?? they do not investigate facts, merely presumptions

    • holocaust21 says:

      Yes, these Orwellian powers were granted to them in the 1989 Children’s Act. Before then Britain was much closer to being a “free country” or at least, local authority’s couldn’t just kidnap children on a whim.

      • no sense to argue with those people. They only understand when danger for them

      • holocaust21 says:

        Exactly. That’s why rational debate never worked. They couldn’t give a damn. Also you can’t play by their rules either – they’ll just change the rules so you can’t win. You have to fight them. Make them feel real personal pain. Only then might they budge. I’m thinking it might be surprisingly effective to use their own language against them e.g. call them paedophiles or terrorists.

  2. well, issue language is overused. it depends,,, sometimes they became even more entrenched…

  3. pressure from outside is the best or they will play victims

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