Protest outside NSPCC on Male Genital Mutilation

Apparently Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men & Boys is reporting that a protest is planned outside NSPCC offices. Obviously it’s absolutely fantastic to see those scum get the criticism they deserve, however, we’d like to see a greater focus on the “child abuse hysteria” angle that constitutes so much of the NSPCC’s work and the majority of the damage. I don’t know if he’ll publish it but I’ve written a response to Mike’s article with my own opinions on the NSPCC which I’m also publishing here:

It’s great that you are protesting outside NSPCC offices. They are the most vile man-hating organisation in the world. Misanthropic even. However, by far the biggest issue with them is their incessant man-hating child abuse hysteria. Please just take a look at this video about a pianist father who’s son has been kidnapped by Social Services:

And it’s the NSPCC that has been heavily responsible for creating this disturbing legislative, social and political climate that results in children being kidnapped from their parents against the child’s will. It is very ironic that Mark Wood claims “children who are able to express views about circumcision should be involved in the decision-making process” yet the NSPCC are completely against that. They are more than happy to celebrate when children are kidnapped from their parents against the child’s own wishes. The NSPCC and Social Services then use a complex and sadistic legal system designed to silence dissent (parents of children kidnapped are legally not allowed to identify themselves or their child – a clear violation of basic free speech rights).

And that’s before we event get started on the purient charade – spearheaded by the NSPCC – that is “child sexual abuse” with Jeremy Forrest and Adam Johnson who both had willing “victims” rotting in prison for over half a decade while serious violent criminals are let off with suspended sentences.

And would you like to know why the NSPCC are as psychopathic as they are? The answer is: Money. Peter Wanless, their CEO, gets over £160,000 as his salary! Does it sound fair to you that a *charity* is paying their CEO several times the average wage out of public *donations*? The NSPCC have been accused of spending something like 50% of their income on marketing. The truth is Peter Wanless and his cronies are making a living out of spreading child abuse hysteria. Child abuse hysteria sells. But it also destroys lives. Enough is enough these charlatans need to be exposed for the criminals they are!

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2 Responses to Protest outside NSPCC on Male Genital Mutilation

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Well, we must at least give him credit where it’s due: he did publish your post, however I’d be very surprised if he even considers the far more important points on ‘child abuse hysteria’ you raised in it, let alone protests about any of them outside the NSPCC’s office, or anywhere else for that matter.
    In fact, as a ‘victim’ of so-called ‘MGM’ (that Mike and his cronies would consider me as), his protest is to my mind a complete waste of time! They are protesting about a non-issue, nothing that really matters…
    I was circumcised at a very young age and I honestly remember NOTHING at all about the experience, let alone any pain I might have suffered. Neither has it affected my sex life, nor the sex lives of anyone else I know who is circumcised. Quite the contrary: I know many men who even claim they are fortunate to be circumcised and with good reasons, such as hygiene – much easier to keep clean for sure, so what is all the fuss about?

    This whole Male Genital Mutilation, or ‘MGM’ topic appears to me to be conspicuously similar to the equal injustice for all mindset of the AVFm crowd, where they are merely copying women (feminists) who have been making a lot of noise about FEMALE genital mutilation in recent years. And only because certain man-hating femascists say it is harmful, or traumatic, or anything else they have to say against the practice and not necessarily because it is actually harmful. Not unlike everything else they claim and / or justify with nonsensical pseudo-scientific explanations, or more likely: with blatant lies, especially when it comes to blaming men for anything in life they cannot accept – i.e. normal male sexuality.

    Therefore, you are indeed correct to suggest that men being locked up in prison for years with daily beatings and real anal rape on the menu, as you (and others) have pointed out, for doing NOTHING wrong whatsoever, is just one of many REAL issues currently affecting men, that Mike Buchanan and his followers in the Men’s Rights Movement, would do well to be protesting VERY LOUDLY against when they visit the offices of the NSPCC.

    • holocaust21 says:

      What you say is very true. The anti-circumcision hysteria seems to be part of a feminist “victim” mentality mindset with its associated illiberal desire to criminalise things. I personally find the idea of circumcision a bit icky but that doesn’t mean that calling for new laws and locking people up is a good idea.

      Anyway, it’s good that at least he published it. Maybe he sees at least *some* value in what I’ve said!

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