Sexism in Action: Startup hires women-only drivers

A new startup competing with Uber hires women-only drivers and only gives rides to women and boys under 13. The blatantly criminal company claims it does it to make “women feel safe” as apparently it views men as dangerous predators, despite the existence of feminazis showing evidence to the opposite. According to its unconvicted white knight founder Michael Pelletz (who should be in prison) he claims he got the idea after a driver made him feel unsafe. Unfortunately for him his own service would still not have helped as it wouldn’t have allowed him to ride on it due to him being male!

Disturbingly the article implies that the company is indeed breaking the law but this doesn’t matter as money is involved and they can lobby legislators to change the law (WTF? If I banged a 15yo the feminists would all be claiming ‘The law is the law’ and lock me up. Sickening hypocrisy).

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