Don’t Just Get Kids Off the Sex Offender Registry. Abolish It

Judith Levine has written an excellent thought-provoking article on the dangers of focusing on only getting Juveniles off the registry when in reality everyone should be removed. She also discusses the risks of allying with dangerous groups who, whilst now claiming to support getting youth’s off the registry, have also advocated decades behind bars or even the death penalty for victimless sex crimes committed by so-called “adults”.

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One Response to Don’t Just Get Kids Off the Sex Offender Registry. Abolish It

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    It’s certainly a great article and a good start, however there is still something about it that spoiled it slightly, although on the other hand I suppose she would be wise to ‘break it in gently’ so to speak. She discusses an article on the same topic which recently appeared in The New Yorker:

    In stark contrast to earlier iterations–Jeffrey Dahmer, Jesse Timmendequas, or the villains on “Law & Order: SVU” – these “new” sex offenders are humanized: attractive, promising, law-abiding heterosexual sons and fathers who made some youthful mistakes and deserve a second chance.

    It’s just a shame she didn’t point out the reality, that NO mistakes were made by any of these unfortunate victims (of the loony paedohysterical judiciary). They were only guilty of growing up. I.e. their behaviour which involved sexual exploration and experimentation is a totally NORMAL part of EVERY human being’s development and hardly an issue for the police, judiciary or government to be concerned with.
    The only people who really have a problem with this normal phase of childhood and of human development are those bitterly jealous feminists who lobby governments for the ridiculously harsh laws and draconian penalties, such as sex offender registries, to try and control it.. I.e. make stupid meaningless and DESTRUCTIVE laws in an effort to control a normative human function or behavioural trait: something that every human being has in them and cannot help or control…

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