Stephen Fry criticises “political correctness” and “self-pitying” victims

Absolutely excellent comments from Stephen Fry criticising political correctness and the fraudulent child sexual abuse “victim” lobby e.g.

There are many great plays which contain rapes, and the word rape now is even considered a rape


It’s a great shame and we’re all very sorry that your uncle touched you in that nasty place – you get some of my sympathy – but your self pity gets none of my sympathy.

Watch the whole video here:

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6 Responses to Stephen Fry criticises “political correctness” and “self-pitying” victims

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I watched it right through and almost missed the short and very trivial remarks he made at the end which apparently caused a twitter shit-storm. I just hope he doesn’t succumb to their ‘self-pitying’ demands by making some FORCED and fake public apology, but rtaher makes some more honest remarks they need to hear.
    The more real men like Mr Fry the better, because hopefully more like-minded celebrities will jump on the anti-PC and anti-feminist band-wagon with him, all shouting more and more of the same truths they need to be told about how pathetic they are by following such hateful ideologies…

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    hmmm cant even delete that comment with bad HTML code.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    I don’t get it either. If they have to apologize for saying something, irrespective of what it relates to and what they said to mock, or criticise it, why say it it all? Better to shut up.
    It seems at least that some women have more backbone than the likes of Stephen Fry (and others of course), as they at least stick to their guns and don’t back down: especially not to the very people that advocate the ideologies or dogmas they criticised…

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