Terrible News: Angry Harry passes away aged just 64

For those who haven’t heard I’m saddened to report that Angry Harry has passed away aged just 64. A terrible loss for us all.

He was a true men’s rights activist, not only did he basically found the entire modern men’s rights movement through his online activism but he was someone who stuck to his guns choosing to defend compassion and human rights against a full blown feminist police state.

Unlike many of the far more timid MRAs at AVFM he was more than happy to criticise the “child sexual abuse” industry – and the NSPCC in particular – as exemplified in this excellent youtube interview from him a while ago:

There really was no one quite like him. RIP Angry Harry. You will be sorely missed.

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2 Responses to Terrible News: Angry Harry passes away aged just 64

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I am truly stunned – I was in tears at the news of David Bowie’s passing but this is just TOO much. Words can’t express the grief I am feeling now.
    If only something could be done to put his great ideas and work ‘out there’ (in the MSM), for the world to see and learn from it all…

  2. holocaust21 says:

    Good video on Angry Harry and how hugely influential he’s been on getting the men’s rights movement started:

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