Judge publically supports murder of those convicted of doing anything sexual

A judge has spared a teenage girl jail for attempted murder of a man previously convicted of a minor sexual offence against her. He was originally given a community sentence for touching her when she was 8 in 2009.

The girl – who was clearly suffering from psychotic delusions – is claimed to have had her “life destroyed” by him. However, given the leniency of his sentence in a year as paedohysterical as 2009 it is basically certain that the “crime” he committed was incredibly minor.

The man is in severe pain after having been stabbed by her, and has been permanently scarred for life. Both his children have been severely affected since the girl stabbed him in front of them.

The psychopathic judge, Jonathan Durham Hall, has shown no sympathy to the man’s children both of whose lives have been severely affected. This will especially be the case if they are male as they will now realise both what the modern woman is like and that she can – quite literally – get away with murder.

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