BBC Documentary – Norway: Parents Against The State

Excellent documentary by the BBC (unusally!) on the evils of the Norwegian legalised state kidnapping child protection system:

Have to say the most despicable character in that documentary was Kai-Morten Terning who is from Norway’s Orwellianly named “Ministry of Children and Equality”. In response to the question of whether children are abducted by the State if their parents administer “mild corporal punishment” he ended his answer by saying that “parents has to know the law, live by the law, in Norway, regardless of background.” An answer spoken by a true fascist. Translation: “As long as we, as politicians, write it down then we are free to do any amount of nastiness and violence that we feel like.”

I was very surprised the BBC made this documentary as they are usually a major feminist propaganda outlet. I am however noticing a pattern as to how the anti-feminist/anti-child protection movement is starting to take hold amongst major media organisations. There seems to be a tendancy for media organisations to criticise the feminist/child protection laws of OTHER countries, not their own, even though their own country is just as bad (or worse). Perhaps it’s a way of offsetting risk – if a journalist wants to cover a topic then both he and his superiors would see that it is safer for them to criticise another country than their own for a variety of reasons (legal, political etc).

For more examples of the pattern I’m referring to see Russia Today’s two excellent documentaries…

One bashing Israel for its rape laws (in Israel women cannot be prosecuted for making a false rape allegation – can you believe it!?):

And the other bashing the UK for its legalised state kidnapping child protection laws:



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6 Responses to BBC Documentary – Norway: Parents Against The State

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I watched this movie for the second time tonight and I cried even more than I did during the first viewing.
    There is a lot I could say, but I’d end up writing a book.
    All I’ll say here is that it is a national DISGRACE!
    Is the average Briton aware of this scandal that is destroying INNOCENT children’s lives for no reason?
    Brian Rothery from Ireland should be Sir Brian – he is very courageous man and nothing less than a true hero.
    I never realized the true extent of feminism’s wicked ideology and reach until I viewed this and read more at Brian’s Ectopia Network website, where there are more documentaries and essays.
    He does amazing work, but what’s much more amazing is the question: Why on earth should he need to do what he does?
    I’m afraid that the UK is now a true fascist state, ruled by PSYCHOPATHIC, femascist old hags who deserve nothing less than the death penalty!
    If the British public ARE aware of this Orwellian state of affairs, then they are behaving in a disturbingly similar way to indoctrinated Pre-World War II Nazi ruled German citizens.

    These Nazi-like authorities also try to hide what they’re doing in a similar way to how a paedocrite pathetically attempts to divert attention away from his own sexual interest in attractive teenage girls – by pointing his accusing finger at other (normal) men who he believes are ‘worse’ than him: Similarly, the British child abduction and kidnapping protection services, pathetically produce and broadcast a documentary about another country’s child protection system in the hope it will divert the (possibly unaware) British public’s attention away from their reprehensible and CRIMINAL conduct!

    • holocaust21 says:

      Very well said. Totally agree Brian should be Sir Brian. But instead terrorists like Esther Rantzen gets a damehood. Fuck them.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Yes Indeed, it’s a truly terrifying world we’re living in now… Sometimes I wish I was like the rest of the sheeple – totally blind and cannot see the huge elephant in the room that seems to be totally invisible to around 99% them.

  2. Anna says:

    It is truly disappointing and makes me angry… I am a parent myself, and for parents the biggest sorrow is to lose their children… I would really like to know how that emotionless, law abiding minister bring sup his children (if he has). He never spanks them, never yells, never feels irritated and tired if children misbehave? Judging bu his looks, it is an opposite case. He indeed himself looks like he can beat and abuse children… Horrifying world we live in. And what is most scary – even the countries who are believed to be “developed” have such barbarian laws! What to say about those which are still developing? huh…

    • holocaust21 says:

      More parents like you need to speak up to say they don’t like nor agree with the ridiculous idea of the “responsible parent”. They’ve pushed this idea a lot in the media over the years that this rather broad group called “parents” all think a certain way and if they don’t then they are an aberation, irresponsible, criminal, neglectful, paedophile, need to be locked up etc. In reality parents are just about as broader group as any other!

  3. phil says:

    So they’ve returned the baby but not the older children? It’ absolutely.insane, if those parents are truly a risk then surely a baby would be the most vulnerable child? It has to be a form of asinine red tape and back-covering, or maybe even just simple stubbornness on the part of the social services not to be seen relenting. Either way, the consequences are life -changing for the family and huge swathes of childhood are damaged. The irony is it’s in the name of child protection. Orwellian indeed. It’s a dangerous tyranny, and Britain is just as bad if not worse.

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